A dedication

I'll scan the list of name,

And I'll realise how close I was,

How close I am

I'd like to thank the innocent,

the dead that didn't deserve.

You have given me things I never thought I'd feel

Christian Small,

They say your laugher,

Could fill a thousand hearts with hope.

Hear me now,

I feel I know you.

Your mother often said you would grow into a good man,

And look now,

Your the amazing person who has given me hope of light,

In this ever darkening tunnel we call life.

Karolina Gluck,

You had so much for going for you,

You were beautiful, confident and loved.

You are still all of those things,

But now you have something priceless,

You have a memory,

Where people remember you as Sunshine Karolina,

With her indescribable love for life.

Ojara Ikeagwu,

You were always a wonderful mother,

Your children were the love of your life,

You always made that clear.

You always took the time to care for others.

I don't understand,

Why your gone.

But know your stunning light still shines on,

In my heart.

Miriam Hyman,

You were careing and sweet.

Nobody ever saw you with out a smile,

And a giggle.

You worked for so many people's happiness,

You often forgot about your own.

But the friends you have made over your thirty-one years,

Gave you an endless supply of love.

Ihab Slimane,

Quiet and undisturbed,

You lived your life like each day was the last.

You worked hard, you wanted to learn more english.

You have truely inspired me to never let an oppertunity go unnoticed.

I know you wanted as much of life as you could,

But even though your days are done,

The true kindness of your heart will survive.

Each one of you,

Every innocent heart,

Will always be remembered.

It is thanks to you,

That I look upon my life as beautiful,

Something I should cherish and share.

I will live for you,

I will live knowing you tried, and succeded,

And that I can too.

Your pure souls sore above us,

And I know in my heart,

Where ever you are,

Your everlasting light with show us the way.