Public Breakdown

"what's wrong?"
"Is she ok?"
"Is there anything I can do?"
"she's just tired"
"just emotional"
"oh that, it's nothing new"
"are you alright?"
"do you need help?"
"is there anyone I could call?"
"you must be cold"
"come inside?"
"Is there anything at all?"
"want to talk?"
"do you need a hand?"
"my name's..
"try and eat"
"Would you like a drink?"
"Here, have a bit of this""
"Has something happened?"
"Why the tears?"
"Come on, have a chat with me"
"could you go home?"
"Do you need a friend?"
"Is there somewhere you should be?"

My life is a public breakdown
Inside my private mind,
My mask is always slipping
Only no-one here is blind,
When i'm weak it's hard to speak,
All the things, I can't define
So I fall apart infront of you,
It happens all the time

"Should I go and get someone?"
"Are you in some kind of pain?"
"I really shouldn't leave you here"
"Why sit in the pouring rain?"
"Can I get you off the floor?"
"she's really going mad"
"Can we have a little 'talk"
"I've noticed you seem sad"
"Lets talk about the cutting"
"She's covered head to toe"
"Could I see your arm Liv?"

I told them, sorry,

I hope i'll be ok here
Inside this thought of mine
I've bought myself some sleeping pills,
I've told them all i'm fine
The people they're still talking
I don't know how to mend
For now I guess i'm stuck here
In my world of make pretend,

"Livy, are you ok?"

I'm fine, please leave me be.

"What's with all the crying then"

I'm ok, honestly,

"Do you know that weird chick?"
"Oh the girl that always cried?"

"Guys, do you know where Livy is?"

"Livy... yeah,

She died"