This is just a short thing I wrote up as it came to me. Soon after I wrote this, I read a book... and realized that it reminded me of it. The book I read was called The Things I Did Last Summer. I had no intention of copying this book, and it was purely coincidential.
The short 'story' I have written is purely fictional and any resemblence to any persons living or dead, is purely coincidential.
Now go ahead, read, and enjoy my story. Please tell me what you think.


A Plastic Smile
By ToRemainUnknown

A plastic smile. That's what he's showing you. His plastic smile. It's not real, it never was. He showed it to the whole world, but he was lying to the world and you. Hah, you believed him. Too bad for you. Now you can pay the price. He walks toward you, his hand ready to strike. He's yelling at you and you wonder what you did. Why do you wonder? You know exactly what you did to him. You think his heart will stop him from hitting you? Think again, for this one moment, he's made his heart plastic, too. Unfeeling, cold. But all those other times, behind his perpetual plastic smile, his heart was real. A real heart, but not healthy. You know why. Don't lie to yourself, like he lied to you. You deserve what you get. But, in an almost inhuman way, that plastic smile is still there. He still wears it as he hits you. But only one hit, Yes. He has more feeling in that heart than you do in yours. He couldn't keep it a plastic heart for more than a few seconds. Still, no emotion crosses his face. His eerie smile still plastered on his face, he turns and walks away. Leaving you there forever. Alone. Just like you deserve. He'll never be in your company again, and you'll never be in his. Hah.

As he walks away, unbeknownst to you, his face no longer holds that plastic smile. He's crying. Crying like any other human being. Leaning against something for support, crying his heart out. He's real once again… but not whole. No, you've wounded this young soul forever. Why did you do this to him? You caused him to feel this hurt. You scarred his handsome face with more than tears. And you know it. But you're not coming back, you wretched creature. You won't come back, not even for a moment, to say you're sorry. He still sometimes wishes that you would have loved him, like he thought you did in the beginning. Loved him like you tricked him into loving you. But you knew. You knew that this tricked love for you was falling away. But you kept hurting him. It was all your fault. But you don't blame yourself. You don't even think of him anymore. Your thoughts of him left you the day he left you. You wretch! He's found someone who loves him now, fortunately he found someone to help him heal his scars. But try as they might, the scars you left will never fully heal. He's as close to happy as he can be. He's smiling once again, and it's not plastic. And you still don't care.

Not the happiest story in the world. xP But I would like to know what you think. I don't think it's the best I can do... but let me know how I can make it better. Or how I can improve on my writing in general.