They were inseparable, Xaibet and Neteri, Shadow and Light, two half elf sisters ready to take on the world. Prideful, cruel, and young Neteri teaching her little sister everything she knew. Eager, small, but almost equally cruel Xaibet trying to do anything her sister could.

They were nine and six when Neteri revealed her plans to become one of the Senf Abui (Blood Warriors), a tribe of ruthless, rogue vampires, elves, demons, shapeshifters, and half breeds like herself, and take Xaibet with her. The mysterious tribe, however, does not take in children under twelve…yet.

They were too young when their tribe was killed by human bandits, only being spared the same fate because they had wandered to far off. As Xaibet was consumed by grief, Neteri coldly swore revenge on all humans, her determination to be a Senf Abui Xeb increasing sevenfold.

It's been nearly a decade since that day, and more then 7 years since Neteri fulfilled her dream of becoming a Senf Abui, and left her little sister behind never looking back again.

Xaibet's no longer the same cruel child she was in the tribe, fighting the tendencies and urges she learned from her sister, few people would believe that young Xaibet and this Xaibet were the same.

Except Neteri. And she wants her little Za-za back, no matter what the means.