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It wasn't until the voices had completely died away did the small girl realize they had been calling out the names of her older sister and herself. Shestopped halfway down the dune and looked in the direction of the nomad's camp for a moment, but then she felt eyes on the back of her head and turned to see her sister smirking at her. 'Turning back?' The brown eyes asked mockingly. Xaibet shook her head angrily and kept walking.

Even at a distance, it was obvious they were sisters. They had the same burnt-olive skin tone, the same lanky bodies, (though it was obvious the older one would be quite tall but no one was quite sure about Xaibet) their hair was the same thick texture and reached each of their respective shoulders, but Xaibet's was black as an abyss where Neteri's was the elven silver of their father's, their eyes had a slightly Asian look to them though Xaibet's eyes matched her sister's hair. Neteri's face was slightly harder then her sister's and Xaibet's slightly softer, but otherwise, the main difference between them was the way they displayed their ears. Both girl's had inherited full elven ears that rose exactly to the tops of their heads and ended in perfect points, but where Neteri wore her hair carelessly over them as if they were nothing, Xaibet had pointedly cut her hair around them to display them in all their pointed glory.

Most people thought that they're mother dressing them identically (today, even though they were with no one but the tribe, they wore matching blue and green saris) and their look-alike appearances would have caused the sisters to resent each other, but it was not true. Xaibet didn't think about it much and Neteri was proud of her sister for looking like herself, as if it was something she had decided to do at birth, and henceforth had decided to make Xaibet like her in every way her 9 year old mind could think of.

"Look at this!" The 6 year old bent down and picked up a medium sized yellow lizard by the neck, Neteri watched with appraising eyes as Xaibet looked at her, grinned, and snapped its neck. Her task was not proving hard, though at Xai's age she had already been experimenting with forms of slower killing. Ruffling her sister's hair affectionately, Neteri began walking aimlessly again, this time sending words straight into her sister's mind, Come on, I want to show you something.

Xaibet's eyes lit up and eagerly she raced after Neteri, "What is it?" But the older girl just laughed You'll see.

The oasis was invisible until one was nearly in it. Whether it was a trick of the sun or magic, none of the few people who found it were sure. It was small, only 11 feet in circumference, with an even smaller lake in the middle shaded by a few palms and other plants that grew. The lake's clear surface was constantly broken by a small blue scaly animal that popped up every few minutes.

"That's what you wanted to show me? A fish?" Xaibet asked, disappointed. She had been expecting something huge, something great, something terrifying, something that did things besides swim in its own toilet.

"That's not a fish, it's a water dragon." Neteri rolled her eyes and put her hand in the water, doing something that Xaibet couldn't see.

"That's stupid, dragons don't live in water, they hate water." Xaibet replied, sitting next to Neteri, who still had her hand in the water.

"Only fire dragons, stupid." Neteri snapped, "see?"

While Xaibet had been scoffing at her sister, she hadn't noticed the tiny thing swim up to Neteri, and let the girl stroke it. Xaibet crept closer to get a better look.

It was small, only about 3 feet, with scales only two shades darker then normal blue. Its ridges rose an inch apart and only half an inch high, and it made a nose halfway between a purr and a hiss as Neteri ran her hand over them. Its hind legs treaded the water but its forelegs were tucked almost invisibly at its side.

"I call her Set Kekui." Neteri said. The name, translated roughly as 'fire darkness' seemed to please the dragon, for Set Kekui licked Neteri with her long tongue. Xaibet giggled nervously and petted the dragon, who immediately hissed at her. Neteri held it back, saying, "Za-za, you idiot, you never touch someone else's familiar!"

"You have a familiar?" Xaibet asked, eyes wide, "What are you going to do when we move? Momma and Dad aren't gonna let you keep her."

"By the time they move, little sister, I will have joined the Senf Abui." Neteri said smugly. Xaibet could only stare at her older sister. The Senf Abui were a nomadic tribe made up of vampires, elves, demons, shapeshifters, and half breeds. Started in the reign of Shepseskaf, last pharaoh of Egypt's 4th dynasty, by a half elf half vampire who was known only as Hehsenf (eternal blood), no one could really be sure of anything about the Senf Abui except they hated pure blood humans, they were evil, and the children they took were 12 at the youngest.

"We're leaving in a week or two; you won't be old enough by then." Xaibet said skeptically, then a new fear entered her mind, "You're going to leave me when you join them."

"Don't be stupid, Za-za." Neteri laughed, "I'm taking you with me. Besides, I bet they only take twelve year olds because they don't think anyone younger can get a proper steed, but look; I have Set Kekui."

Xaibet looked at the little dragon and snorted, "She cant carry you."

"You sure?" Neteri grinned. She made a strange clicking sound and Set Kekui looked at her. Neteri whistled and the small dragon began to hover. Neteri grabbed onto its body and, straining a bit, the dragon lifted up into the air, just above Xaibet's raised arms. Laughing, the 6 year old finally gave up and sat down on the ground, "Ok, Ok, you win!"

Making another clicking noise, Set Kekui floated down and set Neteri on the ground next to Xaibet. Glancing by her younger sister's side, Neteri rolled her eyes, "Za-za you're doing it again."

Xaibet looked where Neteri had been looking and sighed. One of the dead palm fronds next to her had grown 'legs', sturdy leaves, really, and was dancing around.

From the time she was three and her elfin powers came into play, the most common thing for her to do was accidentally animate an object at random. All elves and half elves, by tradition, were supposed to learn to control their rudimentary power on their own, and the girls' father had planned it that way, but when it became clear to Neteri what power was being wasted by her miniature copy, she began to give Xaibet help in private for a few months, and the girl had been able to animate things at will for a while since.

"What happened?" Neteri asked.

"I dunno, I just kinda…lost it." Xaibet shrugged, watching the palm frond do a little jig. It slipped and fell on its back, causing Set Kekui to give a low growl that Xaibet recognized a moment later as a laugh. "What's wrong?" She had just noticed her older sister frowning, an expression that barely ever crossed Neteri's face.

"Remember what caused you to lose control last time?" She asked.

"Yeah, mom cut her finger chopping dinner and screamed so loud it scared me." Xaibet replied, not seeing any relevancy, "So?"

"I don't think the scream caused you to lose it." Neteri replied softly. Xaibet still didn't get it, nevertheless, when Neteri began to run towards the camp, Xaibet followed. Neteri stayed a good ten feet ahead until she stopped at the top of a sand dune, looking down at the camp in stony silence.

"Neteri what's…?" Xaibet trailed off as she too surveyed the scene below, and screamed.