Rain; rain falling down
Please make all the pain fade out
Thunder; Lightning strike
Here in the storm of my life

Hypnotic; destructive in it's form
It calls me; Please don't come back for more

As the rain falls down
I feel it create all my tears
As the lightning strikes
I feel it deep inside my fears


Electric; Strike from the pain above
It crashes; I feel I've had enough

As the storm goes on
I feel it growing in my dreams
As it rages on
I feel it strike me when I bleed


I hear the thunder roar
And I wish it'd go away
I see the storm growing
And I wish it'd go astray

I see the flash of light
And it burns me to the core
I hear the rain fall down
And I'm screaming "Please, no more"

(Chorus 2x)

Rain, rain go away
Come again another day