Blue Glass

By: Kuranthia Valentine

The room was dimly lit, candlelight dancing off the stone walls casting long shadows over the stands and small arena floor. The room wasn't so big; maybe the size of the average family room. Three rows of oak benches rose from the arena, encircling it so all could see.

The cage that occupied the small arena was made of glass. Bars hued a pale blue and the floor covered with snow white faux fur. Inside, small blue pillows of velvet and satin lined the base of the cage walls and piled low in the corners.

A light, glowing the softest blue, hung from the ceiling, shone down on the cage giving it an almost exotic look. The lounging creature behind the bars sat elegantly on a white fur covered chaise lounge looking around, studying her surroundings.

Her bright green eyes drank in every aspect of the room from the tall pillars of candles to the d├ęcor of her glass cage. Maneuvering her dark, hip length hair to cover her large breasts and dark nipples, she tried vainly to hide her nudity. Freckles dotted her face sparingly, imbued by the glow of her soft, milky skin.

A familiar uneasy feeling crept over her as she noticed men and women slowly filling the benches, their soft chatter echoing lightly in the room. Turning this way and that, she felt a blush creeping up her skin; they were talking about her, gesturing to her and whispering.

They wore the nicest clothes, spun from the finest silks and linens. Some of the ladies wore expensive cashmere sweaters and gold jewelry inlaid with the best precious stones. The men sported fine polyester and silk shirts and cleanly pressed slacks, their shoes polished to a shine. Everyone looked so nice, as if they were ready for a night out, it made her curious why they would be there to see her. She dare not think about those who watched her in her cage on a television in the VIP lounge through the camera in the corner of the room. Those men up there, searching the rows of TV's for that one perfect pet that would give them hours of eye candy pleasure.

Sighing, she sauntered around the cage, her toes curling in the fur, her hands stroking the bars. Facing the camera, she wrapped one leg around a bar and slid up and down on it, treating it like a pole on the stage. The feel of the cool glass against her hot pussy pulled an unintentional moan from her lips. Quickly regaining herself, she rolled away from the bars and laid on her back the soft fur floor.

Pulling up her knees, she spread her legs wide and trailed her long, slender fingers from her knees to the lips of her pussy, spreading them to give everyone that was there a good look. Almost daringly, she slid a finger deep inside herself effortlessly, her sex hungry for attention. Arching her back, she slid in another finger and began to work herself, her mind drifting from reality, throwing herself into her own pleasureful world.

Suddenly she heard a lock being undone and she quickly regained her composure. Turning to the door of her cage, she kneeled on all fours and watched it swing open and a tall naked man walk in.

He was dreamy. Dark wavy hair cascaded past his shoulders framing a strong face with bright brown eyes. His upper body was broad and graced with strong, corded muscles; his trim waist led the eyes to his long, thick erection. It throbbed expectantly and she found herself lusting devilishly for it.

As he entered all the way, an unseen attendant locked the door behind him and a hush fell over the crowd. Nervously, she looked around the room but quickly returned to the man.

He sat on the chaise and motioned for her to come to him. She obeyed and crawled slowly on all fours.

Her breasts swayed side to side slowly, her hips rocked gracefully. Sitting at his feet, she put her hands on his knees and kissed his chest tenderly.

"Hello Violet." He whispered softly, cooing into her ear. "I'm going to make you scream tonight." He promised, running his hands down her sides, gripping her firm ass tightly.

Violet gasped and moaned at his touch, her body hungry for relief. Brazenly, she took his pulsing erection in her hand and stroked it slowly. "Make me beg Alex." she purred softly, daring him to come get her.

Pushing her away, Alex fisted her locks between his fingers and rolling his hips forward, pulled her to his cock; forcing it between her lips.

She sucked eagerly, desperate to take it all in her mouth. It was long and she licked and sucked it all, bobbing her head. As if rewarding her, he moaned deeply and inhaled sharply.

Using his free hand, he took a heavy breast and massaged it; pinching the sweet little nipple between his fingers, causing her to squirm and moan with pleasure. Releasing her hair, he slapped her ass hard. "Shake it, shake that ass for everyone!" he ordered her, and smiled boldly as she obeyed perfectly.

Wiggling this way and that, she rolled it seductively, almost looking as if she were trying to hump some invisible phallus. Keeping him in her warm mouth, she massaged his balls gently and stroked his cock idly with her free hand.

Moaning deeply, he gripped her ass tighter, dragging his nails over her soft skin. Pushing her away again, he took her by the shoulders and laid her on the floor, spreading her knees far apart, letting him kneel between them.

Her breathing increased and her breasts rolled gently. She closed her eyes and indulged in the feeling of his fingers softly stroking her. Drawing small circles over her wet sex; teasingly dipping inside of her only to pull out. Raising her hips, she tried to move him deeper inside, tried to find some release.

Sitting up from his heels and leaning slightly over her, he trailed the head of his cock over her thighs, passing it over her lips. Massaging her clit with his thumb, he inserted only his head and rocked in and out of her slowly, going in no further.

Violet moaned ardently, bucking her hips in a wild attempt to push him deeper. She wanted release, she needed release, she craved something sinfully pleasureful. Though everything backfired when he pulled himself away from her and she suddenly felt barren.

A warm caress, a lingering stroke, coaxed a moan from her flushed lips. With his head buried between her thighs, his hot tongue doing wonders, he initiated wave after wave of erotic pleasure to course through her slender body, causing her to quiver and gasp loudly.

She gripped the fur tightly, vainly hoping for it to anchor her to reality as he sent her to a dream world. Her belly clenched tightly, the orgasm slowly building. She moaned loudly and spread her legs further, hoping for more of him.

Seeing her so pleasured, he smirked and sucked her clit before stopping, much to her obvious distress.

"No, Alex," she moaned, reaching for him.

Smiling, still kneeling, he pulled her to him and faced her to the crowd. With one hand, he held her around her collar, pinning her to him, with the other, he pushed apart her knees and moved her hand from his hip to her own thigh. "Play with yourself," he commanded softly in her ear, though loud enough for everyone to hear.

Her breaths came short and quick, excitement rushed through her. Gingerly, she toyed with her lips, pulling them apart to show off her glistening, starved sex. One hand still holding herself, she stroked her clit gently, rolling the tender pink flesh between her fingers, twitching and moaning in pleasure. She heard a woman moan and whisper something to a companion and a blush seemed to wash over her body. It was one thing to pleasure herself of her own volition, in private or to an audience but to be told to do so was another feeling altogether.

Behind her, Alex held her breasts and massaged them tightly. He enjoyed having such an erotic creature pressed to him. The smell of her hair, her skin and her musk was dangerously intoxicating and the feel of her smooth ass quivering against his balls was enough to push him close to the edge. But if nothing else pushed him over the edge, her moans surely could.

Gently pushing her forward, he got her to her hands and knees before coming upright behind her. As he did, he heard a man softly groan in the audience and a smirk graced his face, at least they were enjoying his treatment of her.

Violet mewled and undulated her hips, aiming for his attention. She was thoroughly pleased when she felt his fingers exploring her clit, tracing small back and forth patterns up to her anus. She tried to press herself back onto his hand, but was stopped with his other hand maintaining a firm grip on her ass. Before she could think of another method to get more, she felt the warm tip of him rubbing against the hot, wet entrance of her pussy. In a nervous rush she clenched herself tightly, preventing any entrance he may try.

Leaning over her, effectively pinning her immobile beneath him, he nibbled her ear playfully. "Let me in, Violet. You know you want it, you know you want me."

He felt her begin to relax and he pushed himself into her no more than an inch before he felt her clench again. Moaning, her tightness around him seemed to try and milk him and he wanted to do nothing else but possess her madly and eternally. "Violet," he pleaded through clenched teeth, "do you want me to be rough with you?"

She whimpered and slowly relaxed.

Immediately, Alex thrust deeply into her. Her hot sheath clenched around him and he moaned loudly, her body driving him wild. Slowly, with careful control, he worked himself in and out of her. He did not want to cum yet, he wanted to savor every moment he could of her, from her tiny waist and smooth skin to her passionate moans.

Violet gasped as he entered her, the enormous intrusion of his body in hers was a deliciously painful sensation and she wanted it over and over. Rocking herself against him, she matched his thrusts to drive him deeper. With every plunge of his cock in her, she screamed in ecstasy.

She moaned and undulated her hips. "Oh, Alex! Harder! Please harder!"

He could do no other than obey her, what she wanted was what he wanted too. Fisting his hand in her hair again, he urged her to her knees and held her body close to his. He continued to thrust deeply into her, pounding her small body with his.

For those in front of them, they could see between Violet's quivering thighs and another man grunted in pleasure. Alex could see movement and assumed some were either getting off or getting hot.

Giving Violet another deep, forceful thrust he pulled out of her reluctantly and motioned for her to lay on her back.

Violet did as she was told and watched him curiously. He was breathing sort of heavy and she could tell that he was wanting to cum very bad. Spreading her legs, she teased her lips and clit with a fingertip, intending on seducing him and encouraging him to please himself with her body.

Still on his knees in front of her, he stroked his cock idly, not intending to get off with it, but watching Violet touch herself was more enticing than he thought it would be. Lifting one of her legs over his shoulder, he held her there with one hand and wrapped her other leg around him with another. He took a deep breath, taking her musk into his lungs he slid his cock deep into her pussy easily.

He felt so big inside of her, filling her completely. Violet gasped and began to rock herself on him, matching his thrusting. She drove him deeper, harder into her, sending pleasure waving through her.

The orgasm slowly began to build in her, a pitched desire to have him completely. It rolled through her in subtle motions making her moan and squeal with its taunts.

Alex could feel her muscles contracting around him and he gritted his teeth and groaned against cumming. He wanted to see her face when she orgasmed, he wanted to see how her breasts would quiver. Holding her tighter he continued and tried to block out the arousing sound of the onlookers pleasing themselves and each other. She felt so hot, so tight, it was almost unbearable.

"Tell me when you cum, Violet." He ordered in a thick voice.

"I'm going to now!" she breathed, unable to hold back the intense pleasure begging to be released. "Oh god, Alex. I'm cumming!" She arched her back and fisted her hands in the fur as the orgasm claimed her body. Biting her lip, she threw back her head and forced herself harder upon him.

Her movements quickly became too much. He couldn't hold on any more as his own orgasm washed through him in a torrential wave. Staying in her as much as he dared, he pulled out and groaned as he came over her belly and rosy breasts. "Oh, god Violet!"

With her eyes holding a sleepy sort of look, Violet stroked Alex's warm cock, milking as much cum out of him as she could. She couldn't speak, and she dared not move too much. The fresh pleasure still in her body satiated her perfectly and she felt more content than she had in a long time.

"Beautiful, Violet." Alex praised, holding her smiling face in his hands. "You are such a good girl." Giving her a passioned kiss, he stood and moved to the cage door.

An unseen attendant opened it for him and as he stepped out a beautiful Nubian woman waltzed in carrying a small black drawstring bag. Her hair was pulled back in small braids away from her dark brown, almond shaped eyes. Her body was a perfect hourglass and nipple rings glinted against her abundant breasts.

Passing her close, Alex gave the new girl a hearty slap on her ass causing her to squeal in delight. He tossed Violet a mischievous grin as the door was locked behind him.

"Oh, so you must be Violet?" the new woman asked, kneeling beside the still sprawled out girl.

"Yes miss." She replied softly.

Bending down, the woman licked a bit of the warm cum from an erect nipple. "Good, I'm Trisha, I'll be your mistress tonight."