All of this pain cannot be taken away

Nothing can save me now

I'm too far gone

Let me end your suffering baby

I'll murder you

No please stay away!

What did I ever do to you?

I don't want to die under your hands

Too bad for you sweetheart

You know what you did

Go ahead and run

You cannot hide

You cannot escape my grasp

Stop it please you are choking me!

Here, happy now?

I shoved you down

Down into the ground where you belong

Come on girl

Time for you to die

Just a little farther before you can die alone

Stop! Please go back, I don't want to die

I want you dead now stop stalling

Let me shackle you so you won't run away

The chains are in too deep

They are causing me to bleed

I love to see you bleed

I see the fear in your eyes

Watching you in pain

Gives me pure pleasure

Do you know how much I'm enjoying this?

Are you ready for the end?

You caused all my pain and all of my misery

Do you know how much I enjoyed

Watching you break into small pieces?

Watching you cry

And pour your feelings out

While all I did was hate you

Though I did develop feelings for you

But they are in the past now

Let me deliver the final few blows

Then you will be dead at last

Go ahead

I don't care anymore

What did you just say girl?

I still love you

I love you so much

That I am willing to die

Die at your will

Die by your own hands

Tainted with my blood

Too bad I don't care

Now bleed and die

Now your heart is bleeding

And this is the best moment of my life

No, no, you screwed my emotions up

Please don't go not yet please

With my last breath

I will say

I love you

I will love you forever

My murderer(x3)

A/n: Ok, this is another one of those creepy songs that I write every now and then.Ok what's in bold is what the guy is saying (hopefully if Iever become a singer it will be Jacoby Shaddix, lol)and what's written in italics or whatever it's calledis what I am saying. I hope you liked this piece.