So I reach for your tucked-away letters

They lilt with forgotten feelings

Promises, broken like innocence

That you've made me forgot

They're gone and I've learned

Always is the shortest time I've ever known and

Forever's just a

Moment, so shut your eyes and remember the way

The music sounded/ our breath felt/ the air smelled

The first time we said forever and always

This lady's reading signs on the wall

And she knows…

I know…

Sometimes words have two meanings

Remember, remember…

If I shake you gently will the words jump

From the yellow page in my palm

Into your tongue?


Where have those words gone? I'm looking for them…

We'll be friends with a secret past and lovers with a

Secret future

Foolish, as you deny the stars in my eyes

They'll be there forever

Ooh, and it makes me wonder…

Where are we headed, if not towards eachother?

What are we all looking for?

All there is is love, I know

All there is is love…

I didn't know how dead I was

How much I'd lost

Until you made me alive tonight

Bittersweetly alive, and

My eyes are yours, to do with what you wish

They can cry and gaze and shine with stars…

Forever and always

Ooh, and it makes me wonder…

Ooh, and it makes me wonder…