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"Kailey, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to, honest!" He pleaded to her. David rose to his feet and smirked.

"Don't apologize to her; you're supposed to hit whores!"

Chris growled and clenched his fist. He wasn't going to let anyone talk about Kailey like that. He lunged for David but Kailey stopped him.

"Buddy!" She yelled and the black lab came running from the back and chased David from the garden. The lab walked over to Kailey and licked her cheek. She slowly got to her feet with Chris' help. "Guard, buddy…" The lab sat down and stayed. The pair walked back into the house.

"Kailey, I'm sorry…"

"It's ok, Chris. I forgive you." She tried to smile but winced. Chris sighed. He felt so guilty. "It was an accident; I've got nothing to be angry at you about." Chris handed her an ice pack with a nod. He couldn't look her in the eye though, and he knew he'd never be able to look Asuka in the eye. She scared him.


"Don't." Kailey stopped him. "Stop apologizing." She headed upstairs to her room. Chris followed. "Honestly, Chris, I forgive you." She turned and tried to smile again. Almost managing it this time. He kept his eyes from her. "Chris…" She looked at him pleadingly. He finally looked at her. She had lowered the pack from her face and the bruise was starting to form. He sighed. "Don't dwell on it, Chris. Please." She grabbed his hand and rubbed it with her thumb. He looked at it then up to her. He grabbed her arm with his free hand and pulled her to him. His faced inched closer to hers and his eyes fluttered shut, the perfect kiss. Closer and closer until…

"Kailey, Chris!" Asuka called as she entered. Chris' eyes snapped open and noticed a blush across Kailey's face. "Kailey? Chris?" Asuka stood at the bottom of the stairs.

"Erm. Yeah, Mom?" Kailey kept her eyes on Chris.

"What are you two doing?"

"Nothing, just heading to my room."

"Ok, but behave." Asuka smirked. Kailey and Chris nodded then headed into her room. She sat on the bed while Chris looked around. Her room was white with various drawings over her walls; the carpet was purple as was the curtains. A computer sat in the corner by the window on a cream desk and a wardrobe stood across from it. Her bed was freshly made; the sheets were cream with Chinese symbols on them. A night stand stood next to the bed and Chris walked over to it.

"You don't mind me being nosey, do you?"

She had laid back and looked at him upside down. "No, go a head. I look through your stuff."

Chris blinked and looked at her "You do?" He raised a brow "Through what exactly?"

"Your underwear draws." She painfully grinned. He smirked and opened the draw. He blinked and reached inside.

"Um…were you planning something?"

"No." She sat up "Why?" Her eyes grew wide as Chris pulled out a few packets of condoms. "Mother!!"

"Better to be safe than sorry, sweetie!" Asuka called up. Kailey went red in the face; it was a mixture of anger and embarrassment. Chris sat next to her and wrapped an arm around her.

"Shall we use one?" He whispered in her ear with a smirk.

"Chris!" She yelled and stood up looking at him "How can you say that!? You know I'm not sure how I feel!"

Chris looked away and stood up "You're right…I'm sorry." He left the room and quietly headed to his. He knew he shouldn't have said that, but he did…and now he'd made her angry. He was no better than… "Dom…" He looked back down to Kailey's room and sighed. Sure, he wasn't been as forceful as Dom, but he was in his own way…

During that week Kailey and Chris hardly spoke, they hardly made eye contact. Chris would say something and make things uncomfortable. It just wasn't working. By Wednesday he felt so ashamed of himself. He kept putting pressure on Kailey when he didn't mean to and they'd start to argue. Everything was falling apart.

"I still don't know, ok!?" Kailey yelled as she fed Buddy and George.

"How can you not!? We've known each other what? A month? There's got to be something there!" He shouted back.

"There is sometimes, then you pressure me and it goes away!"

"I just want to know how you feel! Is that too much to ask?"

"Yes, Chris. It is…" She sighed. He looked at her in silence. Her back was to him as she kneeled down on the kitchen floor. "It is for me…"

He sighed and headed to his room. They had fought so many times in such a short time he'd lost count. 11th? 13th maybe…didn't seem like a lot at first but now it did. Every time they fought, he knew she was deciding whether or not to go back to school. And he was loosing her. Fast. He wouldn't be able to face her when she tells him she's not going back with him. He didn't want to face it. He packed his clothes into a bag and quietly jumped out of the window. He wasn't thinking. He just left.

"Chris?" Kailey knocked on the door a few hours later. She wanted to apologize. "Chris?" She opened the door to find the room empty. The window was open and he was nowhere to be found. She frantically searched for any sign of a note, a reason why he left. She found nothing. But where had he gone? Why would he go? She heard a whimper and looked down to her faithful companion, Buddy. That was it. That was how she was going to find Chris. She picked up the shirt he had left in her room the night before and let Buddy sniff at it. "Find him!" She urged the Lab. "Go on, find him." He ran out the door and Kailey followed him.

Chris slowly walked along, head down with his hands in his pockets. He didn't know how he was going to back to the boarding school; he just assumed he'd figure something out long the way.

"Man, I wish the guys were here, they would've talked me out of this." He chuckled to himself while thinking about what Jason and Mike would say. Then he scolded himself for not thinking about them earlier. Suddenly he walked into something, or someone. "My bad." Chris stepped back without looking up and walked into someone else. "Sorry." He looked up and turned his head. His face met David's.

"Well look who it is." He smirked. Chris took a step back and was grabbed from behind by the person he'd walked into first. "That bitch and her mutt aren't here to save you this time."

The heavens opened without warning and rain fell to the earth. Kailey ran along the streets behind Buddy. The pair was soaked in seconds. Up ahead she spotted Chris being held back by a tall skinny boy while David punched him. They were laughing at Chris' pain. Buddy let out a low growl before he charged at them. They saw him coming and ran, leaving Chris kneeling on the wet sidewalk. Blood trickled down his chin from his lip and bruises quickly formed on his face. He slowly rose to his feet as Kailey ran up to him.

"Chris, what were you thinking?" She looked at him. He wouldn't look at her. "Well?"

"I wasn't." He sighed. "I was worried you wouldn't come back with me and panicked."

"And why wouldn't I come back with you?"

He shrugged "Because we've been fighting?" She laughed at him.

"You idiot." She hugged him. "It doesn't change how I feel about you. I love you."

"What?" He blinked. She looked up at him with a blush.

"I said…I love you."

They fell onto the bed locked in a passionate kiss. It hurt Chris' lip but he didn't care. He had her and that was all that mattered.

"Are you sure about this?" He mumbled through the kiss.

"Uh huh." She nodded. Chris moved the kisses to her neck while reaching over to the nightstand. He pulled open the draw and put his hand in...

Right! I'll leave them to their...erm...well IT.