"I'm praying to a god I don't believe in

For the 5th time today

Silently pleading

Sinking to my knees like a little child

Trembling because something tells me that it's pointless

But still I ask:

'Please don't take him from me.'

The thought is almost


My worst fear brought to life---

---a simple sentence, in that

Anxiously awaited letter


In that glass box, with a picture of us on the top,

A place where I can hide it

Make myself forget that I

Have no say in what happens.

If you leave, I'll lose my mind

If I leave, I'm likely to die—

---but which is worse?

Don't make promises you're not


You can keep,

Don't say 'I'll be home soon'

Until you're on that plane

Simple because


Always could come up,

Plans always change.

So again,

I speak to a god that never speaks back

For the 6th time today

While I stand, arms open wide

Out in the pouring rain

Wishing every drop that splashes upon my face

Was your soothing touch

Or a velvet-soft whisper in my ear:

'Oh, I do,

How I adore you.' "

8/4/2005 11:40pm