This was originally meant to be a post for a RPG. One thing led to another, and let's just say that some RPG characters are just too big to be squished into one joining post. Whether or not that refers to his ego will be left to the reader to decide.


Just a touch of purple beneath the eyes--it really does bring out that bea-u-tiful green--easy now, doesn't that look just lovely? Bright green lips pucker as he blows himself a kiss. His lazy grin quirks, curls downwards into a frown, and the green eyes peer thoughtfully into the scratched piece of mirror. Oh, sure, he looks gorgeous, as usual, but the outfit remains incomplete. The purple shading he had just applied matches the lovely purple of the dirty old bathrobe he wears, procured just two days ago from a vendor that knew his tastes well, and the green colour now on his lips not only went well with his eyes, but with the faded green flip-flops on his demon feet. Something still was amiss.

Dissatisfaction. The frown involuntarily stays on his face, marring it. "Now now, pretty," he cooes, straightening the sash to the bathrobe, "you'll get wrinkles if you frown so much." So he remembers the lovely bathrobe that he had gotten for very cheap, and grins. Parted lips reveal what should be hailed as the most perfect demon teeth in the Underworld (in his own humble opinion, of course), stained aesthetically with animal blood.

In good cheer once again, he digs through the piles of human junk, each piece telling a different story of the human who owned it before. Not that he cares. He pillages through a small box filled to the rim with an assortment of jewelry, a majority of it the fake plastic kind one would expect young human children to wear, and finds something that makes his grin grow broader. A fake, purple plastic jewel glued onto a yellow plastic clip. Humans would call it an "earring," but he doesn't know and doesn't care. He clips the finishing touch to the edge of his right wing, and peers into the mirror again.

You look fabulous, doll.

Satisfaction, even, shall we say, smugness. I am fabulous, aren't I? Now grin so that those toothy beauties get some screen time too. Strut your stuff, baby.

Notes: I will die a happy man if I get some good constructive criticism.