Beliefs by writerforever

We fight and kill one another

All in the name of God

Saying we're defending Him

We hate others who don't believe as we do

We despise those who are different from us

We try to get everyone 'saved'

And claim to love everyone

But at the same time

We despise those we disagree with

We hate those who lead different lives

We strike down those who we think are wrong

All in the name of love

"For God we do this," we say

We seem to forget

The real meaning of Christianity

While we stone the gays

While we stone the different religions

While we stone the different races

While we stone the drug addicts

While we stone the alcoholics

While we stone the prostitutes

While we stone every non- Christian

And sometimes even our fellow Christians

We forget all about Jesus Christ

And what he stood and died for

It all can be summed up

In one beautiful word


"Love thy neighbor as thyself"

We forget all about that verse

In our anger and hate

We forget to love

We forget to share the message

The message of love

Love is every true Christian's belief

Love is my belief

Love, don't hate