Emily hated her family at that moment. She sat on the couch between her parents and the Catholic priest was across from them.

"Tell me, my dear, why have you lost your faith in the Lord?" he asked her. She looked him squarely in the eye.

"Because the Bible is the biggest load of horsecrap ever and you god does not exist," she answered defiantly. Her mother started crying.

"This is what I was telling you, Father," her dad explained. "She must be possessed."

"I'm not possessed, dammit!" she insisted. "I've just finally come to my senses." She stood up and left the room.

Damn. It had been almost a week since her mother had found her pagan Book of Shadows and supplies. For a while she thought they'd let it slip, but apparently she was wrong. They were up to something.

"I reccommend St. Mary's," the priest offered. "It's a fine academy with a strict Bible education. She won't be able to escape that."

"How do we know she won't rebel further?" Margeret wailed. The thought of forcing something on her daughter made her want to cry. "Is it so right to do this?"

Adam stood next to his wife and tried to comfort her. "There, there, Emily needs this. She was must be made to believe."

The priest stood as well, and joined them in the foyer. "I'll send you the registration forms soon. Don't worry," he said. "I've seen great changes in students who attend St. Mary's."

The wind whipped her hair wilding about her face. She pressed the button to close the wind and slowly the air ceases to blast at her. Her red hair fell naturally down past her shoulders and lay limp there. She pulled her sunglasses over her blue eyes and fell back into the seat more.

Nearly a friggen hour drive to this damn school. And she didn't even want to go. A christian boarding school? They had to be kidding. They weren't however and here she was, on her way there.

The building loomed up before her and she cringed. Oh man, it was worse than she thought. The whole damned thing looked like a house for Nuns. A great steeple rose up from the center of the school and every window had to be made of stained glass.

Just peachy, Emily thought to herself. She reached back to secure her hair in a loose bun and made sure her lipgloss hadn't smeared yet. Perfect. Her dad parked the car and they all tumbled out.

"Oh this is really nice!" Margeret exclaimed. "I don't feel so bad now about leaving you here, Emily."

"Gee thanks Mom," Emily spat sarcastically. "And I feel just wonderful about leaving all my friends for some beliefs I don't care to know."

Her parents exchanged glances. The father said this would happen at first and not to worry so they didn't. Her bags were taken up to her dorm room first thing.

The room was small and quaint. She had a roomate, so there were two beds. One had a fluffy pink comforter on it and the other was plain. She assumed that would be hers. Thankfully her side of the room was bare, so decorating would be left to her. She chuckled, wondering how well a pentacle would sit with her roomate.

Speaking of which..."Oh my gosh!" Her shrill voice rang out as she entered the room to give Emily a hug. "It's so good to meet you!"

The girl finally stood back so Emily could get a good look at her. Blonde hair, pigtails, pink dress, cross. That said it all. She was doomed.

Turning, she gave her parents a pleading look which they ignored. Bastards, she thought bitterly. How dare they desert me and leave me here with this little Britney doll.

She was given a tour of the facilities by one of the administrators and it he wasn't an interning priest, she would have found him slightly attractive.

"Here is the school cafe and diner," he pointed out. "Many of out students have part-time jobs here to make a little extra money." Ok, she would keep that in mind. Maybe she'd get enough to escape this place.

He showed them the classrooms, the chapel, where a few students were praying softly, and the lunch hall. It wasn't a bad looking place, just the overall presence of Jesus freaks got to her. She really didn't want to be there.

"Mom, Dad, I am begging you," she offered one last time. "If don't make me stay here I'll go to church from now on."

"Our word is final, like that of God's," her father said sternly. She rolled her eyes. What a moron.

"Fine, then just leave 'cause I'm not happy with either of you right now." Her mother gave a quick hug and then they left her, standing outside a dorm room she didn't want to live in..at a school she didn't want to be at.

Cursing, she opened the door and immediately wished she hadn't. Catholic schoolgirl Barbie was still there and she was writing in a journal while laying on her bed. She popped up when she saw Emily come in.

"Welcome to St. Mary's, where souls find their way to God!" she cried. She leapt off the bed and came to stand in front of Emile. "I'm Carla, it's nice to meet you. What's your name?"

"Satan," she said sarcastically. "Now if you don't mind I need to unpack." Carla stared at Emily for a while.

"Seriously though, what's your name?" she asked softly. Emily turned to glare at her.

"Emily," she answered. "Satisfied?" Carla nodded and headed back to her bed. Emily opened the first box of her stuff. Her favorite blanket was on top. The color of it was a jaded green and whimsical faeries danced along branches and flowers. She tucked it carefully on the bed, over the white sheets. Her faery pillow sham went on the only pillow on the twin size bed.

It looked decent enough, but then she added her stuffed toy of Kyo, her favorite anime character. There! Just like home.

On her desk, which was void of any objects, she placed a few votive candles and a leather-bound book with nothing inscribed on the front. That had it's purposes, but she never went anywhere without it. Her dream diary was set next to that and last but not least, a poster of Lacuna Coil adorned the wall.

It would do for now, Emily thought. Carla, had been watching this all with a bit of fascination. Interesting, she thought, especially when she spotted the pentacle around Emily's neck.

"So, that's it then," Carla stated. "I know why you're here." Emily looked up at her suddenly.

"Because my parents are self-centered assholes who want to shove their faith down my throat?" she cocked her head slightly, smirking. "If I go to hell for being a pagan, then so be it."

Carla shrugged. "I just think it's cool that you are sticking to what you feel the most strongly. Like me, I'm a lesbian and I'm here to get 'cured.' Well, I refuse. I'll love women till the day I die."

Emily was surprised. This was a new twist. Maybe if she had someone to talk to, she'd make it through all this. "What are your views on the Bible?"

"Lies," Carla answered, as if it were the easiest question in the world.

Emily smiled. "We're gonna get along just fine."