A/N: And the final showdown has begun!

Sapphire drove Emily and Carla to Mother Kali's. They sat quietly in the back room, each praying for Kory to get better soon and for the Goddess to save them all.

"I'm praying to Athena," Emily said quietly. "May she help us in this upcoming battle. The war is going to end one way or another."

"I hope that asshole gets put behind bars for life?" Carla scoffed. "He's evil."

They agreed with her.

A commotion outside the store caught their attention. Sapphire stood and went to the front of the shop. Emily and Carla waited silently.

"Oh shit!" they heard her gasp, and came running just as a brick came through the window. It smashed into a table of lit candles, knocking them over and lighting fire to the store.

"Oh my god!" Carla screamed. "They've really lost it now!"

The boys outside were chanting, "Burn the witches! Burn in hell!"

Sapphire grabbed Emily and Carla and pushed them towards the back door. "Get out of here while you can!"

"No!" Emily screamed, the flames now licking up the shelves. "I'm staying here to help you!" Carla had already fled. She was going for help.

The sound of glass breaking made them turn back to the front of the store. Aaron and another boy were breaking in.

"Sapphire," Emily yelled. "Get out of here. This is my fight." Sapphire shook her head, but Emily forced her out as Aaron advanced on her.

"Emily!" he called. "Have you felt God's power yet? Have you seen the glory of his ways?"

"All I've seen is a psycho burning down stores and trying to murder innocent people," she shot at him. 'That has nothing to do with God."

"I was sent to do his bidding. I am his warrior."

Emily was disgusted at this guy's persistence. Either way, the place was burning and she had to get out before she was in real trouble.

She pulled an athame off a table that hadn't been touched yet and held it up. He had a baseball bat.

"Think you're going to stab me and infect me with the Devil's poison?" he sneered. He stepped towards her and swung the bat at her. She ducked and lept out of the way.

"You're already poisoned," she said. He lunged at her again and though the bat connected with her shoulder, she managed to stick him in the ribs.

He howled at the pain and staggered backwards. He fell right into a burning shelf, and the fire quickly spread to him.

Emily jumped back and watched him thrashing around, burning and howling. She felt frozen and finally the smoke got to her, taking her consciousness and sending her into darkness.

She looked up at bright lights above her. She lurched forward and gasped.

"Hold on there, miss, we're almost there." A voice spoke kindly to her and she focused her eyes on the figure above her.

"We're almost to the hospital, hold on." She closed her eyes and slept again.

Images of creatures draped in white danced in front of her eyes. They dipped and swirled to a tribal beat around her and placed chaste kisses on her body.

A woman swathed in green stepped into her view and reached out with long, boney fingers to carress her cheek.

"My lady," Emily breathed.

She awoke suddenly to find herself alone in a hospital room. The bright lights made her squint.

"Emily!" Carla jumped up and ran over to her. "I was so worried about you!"

Emily rubbed her eyes and sat up. "How long was I out?"

"A few hours," Sapphire entered the room as well. "And you'll be glad to know that Kory woke up."

"No! Oh my gods. Seriously?" Emily grinned broadly, momentarily forgetting the pain in her shoulder.

She got out of the hospital a few hours later. Her first trip was to see Kory.

He was sitting up in the bed and staring absently out of the window.

"Hey, space cadet!" Emily called. Kory looked over at her and grinned.

He covered his face and chuckled. "Ah, I look horrible." Emily walked over to him and pulled his hands off his face.

"You look amazing as usual." She leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on his lips. He smiled softly.

"I'm glad you came. I heard you, you know?" She nodded slightly. She knew.

"I'm just glad you are ok," she whispered.

The phone rang and Emily waited for her parents to pick up.


"Hey, Mom!" A slight pause.

"Anything wrong?"

Emily grinned. She knew her mom would be worried instantly. "No, just checking in."

"It's good to hear from you. How are things?"

Emily had to think a minute on that one. "Getting better now."

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