In my Next 20 years…

This is a coming-of-age series, starting out in 1990, that's an in depth look into the lesser known origins and the other side of teen cliche characters.

There's the loved troublemaker who defines cool, the feared queen bee, the sidekick nerd, the angst ridden quiet girl, and the beautiful princess.

How did they become what they are?

And are they really what they appear to be?

Or are they just playing a part?

You decide...


Rusty- Popular, charismatic, witty, suave school legend that's a rich, cocky son-of-a-Mitch pretty boy who impregnates girls and turns boys gay…well that's just what parents assume and what kids admiringly believe, deep down he's actually an ADHD caffeine-addict selfless brilliantly talented nerd obsessed with helping other people, maintaining his acts, escaping manual labor, trying not to fall under any label, and staying away from all sports, while being on the verge of a nervous breakdown, in denial, and in serious need of therapy. He is cleverly daring and loves doing what others forbid and always full of surprises since he's mysterious and nobody, not even his best friend, really knows him, just only one person knows him fully.

Molly-Shy, goody-goody who afraid of everything…well almost everything, there's one thing she's not afraid of and that is standing up for herself and others. Her parents' recent divorce turned her into a pessimist against love who vows to never make as dumb a mistake as her mother made by marrying her father. She's very polite and always does as she's told, and sometimes she does things, not because she has to but because she's afraid not to. She's very quiet and tends to try to blend in and hide, because that's what's safe, being the observer and not the performer. Truth be told, this girl is dying to stand out and to be heard, she just doesn't know it for her fear hides her desires and strengths from herself.

Runt (aka Vincent)-The thirty-year-old trapped in a little kid's body. He's a greedy analytical anti-social heartless bastard who's a bit snobbish since he skipped a grade and considers himself a child prodigy since he learned to read at age three, but all in all he's a know it all who doesn't know it all…literally. And on top of that he's an atheist in a Mormon family of four older sisters and a father that's a football coach and a June Cleaver mother. He's the reluctant sidekick of Rusty, dragged along in all of his ridiculous and risky schemes. He's been friends with Rusty ever since he was three (when his father introduced them in hopes of Runt becoming athletic as Rusty is) and also is Rusty's only true friend who acts more like a therapist to him than a friend.

Mandy-Overweight, crater-face, unruly curls, unattractive…that's how Mandy sees Mandy, what she doesn't seem to know and see is that she's actually the prettiest girl in school. She's boy crazy, if it has nothing to do with boys(firemen in particular) she doesn't care, well just a bit. She's very gullible and is a little too nice. Unfortunately because of her looks people mistake her nervous lack of confidence as being snobbish. She hates who she is and constantly wishes to be someone else while being envied by others all around in which she takes as a reaction to how bad she looks.

Ashley-The most feared queen bee of the school, intimidating as Darth Vader she's a ruthless and stubborn bully whose one goal is to make her cousin, Rusty's life hell. Their relationship isn't quite family love as they always battle against each other. She's also the student body president and the head of her group of airheads that jump at her command. At home she Mommy's little angel and Daddy's little princess and therefore she gets what she wants at the snap of her fingers. When you're talent less and have a twin who's perfect in everyway in a prep boarding school, high school the only place where you can be on top. Beneath it all she's actually a very clever, friendless, vulnerable girl who's an alcoholicchain smokertrying to escape a traumatizing event that happened to her the summer before.



Born: September 10, 1976

Favorite color: Red

Favorite food: Pepperoni Pizza

Favorite drink: Jolt-that stuff is a miracle, Breakfast of insomniacs

Lucky Number: 10

Quote: "The best things in life is doing what other people say you cannot do"

Worst habit(s): Chewing on pens, skipping classes, being lazy, forgetful, putting off important things

Favorite Movie(s): Indiana Jones Trilogy

Favorite place: Boston-my home where everyone knows my name-well that actually Cheers that really does exist though I'm too young to have been there (so you think, shh…)

Least favorite place: Hospitals, classrooms, and offices

If you can be anyone for a day, who would it be: Harrison Ford, but it would have to be at the time when he was shooting Indiana Jones.

What are you going to be when you grow up: I have no idea! I don't think I'd ever grow up! But if you want a straight forward answer, then I guess I want to be…I don't know a rock star…or no an actor…or a pilot…or a world traveler…who knows because I sure don't!

Then I guess you won't like the next question. Where do you see yourself in ten years: You're cruel! Um…I don't know…alive

Any pets: Yes, a golden retriever named Blondie.

Favorite subject: Math

Least favorite subject and why: History, because it's so boring, it done, over with, who cares! …unless it's WWII or something more interesting than the f-ing Colonial era

Favorite Show: Saturday Night Live, I could live on that show! I could go on but I would really go on forever and you'd get bored

Favorite Sport: Baseball, the only one I can stand

Least favorite sport and why: Rugby, It is the most brutal sport I've ever played! Then football because everyone make a stupid hype about winning and come on who cares! It's just school football not war

Do you have a hobby: Yes, I collect and play guitars

How many guitars do you have: So far six! I also collect old records too.

What's your favorite band: Aerosmith

What annoys you the most: Ashley, the biggest bitch I've ever known, I don't know what I did to her but okay if she wants to battle me then fine-I bet this is probably over something stupid that she's held a grudge on since elementary school.

Are you a morning or a night person: Night, I'm usually dead in the morning

Favorite weekday: It's a crossover between Friday and Sunday. I like Fridays because everyone is happy and you're relieved that tomorrow is Saturday, and then Sunday because it is my weekly sleep day.


Born: June 14, 1977

Favorite color: Baby blue

Favorite food: Cheese cake

Favorite drink: Tea Lucky number: 7

Quote: "You got to stand for something, or else you'll fall for anything"

Worst habit: Biting my nails.

Favorite movie: Ice Castles

Favorite place: Australia

Least favorite place: School

If you can be anyone for a day, who would it be: Get back to me on that

What do you want to do when you grown up: I know this sounds crazy, but something to do with history maybe, a historian, mostly I want to prevent the destruction of historic landmarks and structures, or something that will make me rich enough to buy and save them all at least

Where do you see yourself in ten years: I don't know, to be realistic graduating from Berkeley, where my mom went to college-shut up Runt I don't care if it's full of weirdos! It's more realistic than Oxford!

Any pet(s): Yes, a huge, fat cat named Tiger (he more belongs to my sister though)

Favorite subject: American History

Least Favorite subject: P.E.

Favorite show: I hate to admit it, but it's Three's Company-Shut up Runt, shut up!

Favorite sport: Skating, whenever I skate I feel free.

Least favorite sport: Anything that requires running or swimming.

Do you have a hobby: Yes, Skating during the winter, and when I can't skate I read.

Favorite band: Jon Bon Jovi –I still get teased for this

What annoys you the most: My little sister, Bunny

Are you a morning or a night person: Night is the only time I'm alive!

Favorite weekday: Saturday, because there's no school and no fear of school or homework till the next day.


Born: July 12, 1978

Favorite Color: Midnight Blue

Favorite Food: Chicken noodle soup

Favorite drink: Ice tea

Lucky Number: 12

Quote: "Nothing is free"

Worst Habit: Analyzing other people's lives.

Favorite Movie: Star Wars Trilogy

Favorite place: Movie Theatre-though I get yelled at for commenting too much

Least favorite place: Football Field

If you can be anyone for a day, who would it be: George Lucas, during the time when he was shooting Star Wars.

What do you want to do when you grow up: I want to be a Doctor, well I'm going to be anyways, when I grow up I'm going to be the best doctor, because the best doctors get paid more

Where do you see yourself in ten years: In college of course or most likely doctorate's school

Any pets: No I'm allergic and what's the point, they don't talk and are too needy and annoying

Favorite Subject: Science

Least favorite subject: Shop and PE can't decide what's worse

Favorite show(s): SNL

Favorite sport: Track though I'd never say

Least favorite sport: Football

Do you have hobby: Not really, I usually don't have time for one, mostly because I tutor Rusty, he's lucky he has me for he wouldn't be as well off as he is

Favorite Band: Queen, I grew to like them after Rusty made me listen to them a million times.

What/Who annoys you the most: Rusty getting bad grades, Rusty getting me in trouble, Rusty calling me his "baby brother" to get sympathy enough to get away with something, Rusty wanting help on a assignment that was due the previous day, Rusty schemes that never work, Rusty asking for advice and never taking it, Rusty calling late on a school night just because he's board, Rusty flirting and breaking my sister's hearts, Rusty's off caffeine mood, ect.

Are you a morning or night person: Morning

Favorite weekday: Sunday, it's the only day of the week that Rusty doesn't need any favors.


Born: April 19, 1977

Favorite Color: Hot Pink

Favorite food: Sushi

Favorite drink: Diet Coke

Lucky Number: 14

Quote: "The truth will set you free, but first it'll piss you off."

Worst Habit: Smoking

Favorite movie(s): Anything with Christian Slater! Though not Heathers because it scares me considering how many hate me and want revenge

Favorite place: New York

Least Favorite place: K-mart

If you can be anyone for a day, who would it be: Madonna

What do you want do when you grown up: I want to be a lawyer, and get paid for being a nasty bitch that I am.

Where do you see yourself in ten years: A rich lawyerliving the material life

Any pets: Yes, a Yorkshire terrier named Poukey.

Favorite Subject: Debate

Least favorite subject: P.E.

Favorite show: 90210, Luke Perry is so f-ing hot!

Favorite sport: The sport called "Let's make Rusty's life a living hell!"

Least favorite sport: Everything that requires hand-eye coordination

What is your hobby: Sewing and doing hair

Favorite singer: Madonna

What annoys you the most: One name, Rusty, that bastard, I'll never forgive him for ruining my seventh birthday party

Are you a morning or night person: Night

Favorite weekday: Saturday


Born: May 16, 1977

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite food: BLT

Favorite drink: Pink lemonade

Lucky Number: 16

Quote: "Anything's possible"

Worst Habit: being self-conscious

Favorite movie(s): Between Glory(Denzel, in love with him since I was 8) and Color Purple(Oprah rocks in that movie)

Favorite place: In my room

Least Favorite place: In front of an audience

If you can be anyone for a day, who would it be: Oprah

What do you want do when you grown up: Miss America, well that's what I would of said if when I was younger and skinnier, now I don't know, married to a hunky fireman looks at body that's not going to happen anytime soon

Where do you see yourself in ten years: A contestant in the Miss America Pageant, kidding, having a dream wedding in Switzerland, again kidding(like that could happen, Mandy), well hopefully married and not living at home

Any pets: Yes, my little brother, Teddy

Favorite Subject: PE, well not really but I love it because I get to see hot guys run and sweat!

Least favorite subject: Science

Favorite show: Oprah, my girl-hey don't you laugh at me Molly!

Favorite sport: Volleyball

Least favorite sport: Football

What is your hobby: Signing

Favorite singer: Whitney Houston-hey she may be a crack addict or whatever Runt says about her, but she's a brilliant singer, so "ha!" to you Runt

What annoys you the most: Louis hitting on me.

Are you a morning or night person: Morning, everything so refreshing then.

Favorite weekday: Sunday