(A light shining through darkness)

"You long to change the world. What are you waiting for?"

By writerforever

Dedicated to Jelani: you shared that special touch with me and let me glimpse into your world. I am forever grateful.

Cincinnati 1987

A Glimpse

Take an order, take the money, grab the readied food, hand it to the waiting customer. This cycle kept running through Lewis' head as he worked at a McDonalds restaurant in Cincinnati, Ohio. He felt trapped and caged in the world he was living in. Being onlysixteen Lewis was big dreamer, to his father's dismay. But working at McDonald's was better than working at his dad's animal reserve.

His father, Theodore (Theo) was money minded and that was all he thought about. His love for money had drove Lewis' mother away. And Lewis blamed his dad every day for that. The life of Lewis Harden could be considered privileged but boring. Since his dad was a millionaire from his fast growing company, Lewis had everything he could ask for, except for a father that really loved him.

Lewis choosing a job at McDonald's had caused quite an outburst by his father.

"You can come and work at the reserve. I'll find you a little job where you'll be paid well, that is until you go to college," Theo had said.

"I don't really relish the thoughts of working in at a animal reserve for the rest of my life," Lewis said.

"What's so terrible about working in at a reserve?" Theo asked narrowing his eyebrows as if challenging his son.

"It's just not for me okay," Lewis replied.

"Well what are you going to do then? Go get a nothing job at a fast food restaurant with the rest of your heathen kind? I won't have it. You have more privileges than most teenagers,"

"You're going to work at the reserve and that's final," Theo stated.

Lewis chose to sneak out and apply for a job at McDonalds mainly just to spite his father. To his surprise he was hired at McDonalds and began working there. Theo was too busy usually to notice anything at first but finally Lewis was forced to tell his father of his job.

"How could you do this behind my back?" was Theo's words.

"I'm old enough to make my own decisions," Lewis said.

"No you're not. You will do as I say," Theo retorted angrily.

"Starting tomorrow you're going to quit your job at McDonalds and come to work for me," Theo said.

This was Lewis' last day at McDonalds. He didn't really care if he left or not, it wasn't exactly a thrill to work there. But it would be better than working at his father's animal reserve. Lewis often pondered why his father had wanted an animal reserve. The animal reserve was mainly made up of wild animals, mostly primates and elephants. It gained quite a bit of money and Theo was always pleased with its results.

"I'm going to be spending the rest of my life working with a bunch of dumb animals and having a 'nothing' life," Lewis muttered to himself as he handed a customer a Big Mac.

To Be Continued…