I used to tell you I was someone,

That there was a person underneath.

Day after day, I'd tear my masks off,

Hoping to see the ghost beneath.

Oh how my insides tangled,

How my heart refused to beat!

Concealed within my masks, the faceless!

I am nothing underneath.

How we pretend! How we tell each other these things everyday!

My love, I didn't mean to bother! No, I don't mean those things I say!

But if I should remove your masks, would you be smiling there at me,

Or would you also be as faceless! Smooth and bare as one can be.

My darling, do you really love me,

But then there's nothing there inside!

If underneath your masks, you're faceless,

Is there still a heart to hide?

Does your heart beat because you're lonely?

Does your heart beat because of love?

Does your heart beat because it has to,

Pumping no ardor, only blood?

Then are we just merely existing,

Tangled in each other's arms,

Breathing sweet nothings into the air

Just so we can keep warm?

Love is but a four-letter word,

A person has but one face,

A heart is not a tool for loving...

Now the faceless wisely says.