You wonder what happens.

In life.

In death.

Don't fear anyone but yourself,

For you can cause more damage than anyone.

That's what everyone else says.

As it rushes to your brain, your blood turns cold.

You hear a noise.

It's dark.

What happens then?

Do you freeze in time with everyone else?

Or do you leave your mark on history?

Or, do you stay together?

Can you pull away from everyone else, be strong?

Are you the one who can carry on?

Fly alone?

Dance to the beat of your own drum?

Or are you gone?

With everyone else.

Who has no heart?

Don't put yourself through anymore.

Don't wonder what happens.

You won't find out.

There's a time when everyone goes.

And your time is now.

Why do you try?

To make it through?

And why does she cry?

In a different way then I do.

And if you say, I will stand alone.

Can you handle it?