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Take me to the place where the trees grow tall enough like skyscrapers reaching the sky; to where the breeze of summer blows into my every bone.

Take me to the place that smells like rain just fallen and where the top soil can keep the fragrance of it all. And the birds sing loudly flying with freeness.

Take me to the place where autumn is eternal and the leaves are scattered on the ground like marble floors in giant corridors of some king's palace; and they paint the dirt with their shiny colors; yellows, browns, oranges, greens spread throughout what once had been a dirty boring color.

Take me to a place where the coolness of winter can catch me unprepared and each and every one of my muscles go numb- till I can't feel my skin until it's lit up by your touch- and then ice can turn to fire.

Take me where the tulips hide and play a symphony of colors- where orchids, sunflowers and roses blossom every once in a year- and don't dry nor die with one forceful drop of snow. And with your hand remove one of them and place it on the back of my hair- tangled it around the curls where blossoms lasts forever.

Take me to the place where spring isn't hunting and the heat of April nights is not suffocating. Where the sweet wind lies upon our chins- two bodies lay upon the grass, two breaths beating with heavy pants, two hearts racing at the speed of sound- and the wind just reaches one- then we'd know two bodies had became one.

Take me where we can hear the lullabies that crickets sing for us on the hushed nights in which we don't talk. And the fireflies would play the role of street lamps.

Take me to a permanent blue sky- not covered by the clouds, not polished by the time.

Take me to the place where teardrops aren't salt but taste like black coffee hot enough to warm us. Take me somewhere in which the grass caress my body and my fingertips can paint colorful figures in the air- resembling a paint brush writing words that no one had ever said; Invented words that turn to life whenever you are around, they become real only at your sight. Lead me to a place where meanings are eternal and words have only one meaning- recite them loud enough so I can hear, and then I'll be certain that the words you scream belong to me and I would own them for forever- till the end of time, till the end of love, till the end of seasons, till the end of life.

Take me to the place where life is beauty and I can watch you forever realizing that beauty turns out to be life. Take me where the ponds are clean, and transparent- where I can see my own reflection when I lean, where I can see your gracing figure standing next to me.

Take me where the oxygen never vanishes, where it can't turn to carbon monoxide- where our breaths would gulped out air- and we'll breathe from each other.

Take me to where our fingers intertwine and stay glued forever. To the place where I can walk next to you without fear, take me where there are no chains, no judgments.

Take me to a place that the barely sight of it is an epitome of perfection and the dream never bumps back to reality. Take me to where the illusions lay and like a bubble of soap they will raise us from our feet- from the top soil- from the reality- and then we can tangle up together pretending we can fly. Just take me wherever you'll go and then I will know what heaven looks like.