To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to you today

That someone will hear

What it is I have to say

I'm often overlooked

Only seen as someone there

Once, at a hotel, I was booked

Then they had no room for me there

Sometimes I blame my height

I'm short for my age

So maybe I'm out of sight

I withstand being omitted

But sometimes it gets to me

When I am so committed

Now something's been rewritten

Something within me

No longer like the kitten,

But the beast inside

I want to be seen

I want to be heard

If anyone would be keen

To listen to my words

Don't put me in the corner

I deserve the limelight

I won't be a mourner

Just because I'm pushed out of sight

Everyone deserves a chance

Why not me?

Can't I have a turn to dance?

Please, I begging of you

I can't stand the solitude

Let my voice ring out

You don't like my attitude

Then just get out

I won't listen anymore

I'll stand here on the stage tonight

What are you stopping me for?

I'll wish with all my might

Before I die, I want one thing

To be heard, to be seen

I don't want to be mean

But how else am I to get attention?

Please, don't say no

What's it going to hurt?

For me to say just a few words?

I know you don't like me

I know you don't care

But just let me be

And take this dare

I just want to be heard

For someone to know my words

Just to be heard

What's my opinion to you?

Please, I beg of you

Just one more time

To let me stand here

On the stage tonight

To speak into the microphone

To hears my words echo against the walls

To end with silence,

Or even applause

Just let me be heard,

That's all I ask of you

To stop ignoring me

And open up your ears…