Prudence Valor sat in her home in Hell's Kitchen, a rundown park of New York City. In her arms was a small baby girl.

"My beautiful baby girl," she said. "You are going to stay with some very nice friends of ours. They'll take good care of you. We'll pick you up when we return."

She lifted her daughter into her carrier, grabbed the diaper bag, and left.

Carrying her small infant, she made her way to her friend's shop. The family that ran it promised to take good care of the girl until Prudence and her husband, Andrew, returned.

"Thank you so much," Prue said to her friends. "We would take her with us, but there's no way to know what dangers we might face. I know you'll take good care of her. Good-bye, my sweet Ravyn. I know you'll save the world someday."

With that Prue left her only daughter, not knowing that she would never return.