Chapter 9: Could It Be?

An hour or so later, the kids were back in Omega territory, inside the apartment Jeshycka shared with her dad.

"Why the hell didn't you tell me?" Jeshycka asked, yelling.

"Tell you what?" Ravyn asked. "About Brad? I didn't think an ex-"

"NO!" Jeshycka yelled. She paused; when she spoke again her voice was much calmer. "I mean about you being the water witch."

"What are you talking about? I'm not the water witch."

"Think about it, Rae!" Jeshycka said, exasperated. "Every time you've been upset, it's raining outside. When you're really pissed, lightening and thunder. Syrya pissed you off; a sink that the Water Witch spelled drenches her. Then today, Brad was upsetting you and it started snowing stingingly hard."

"You think my parents would have powers?" Ravyn said. "And if I was, wouldn't I have a rune necklace like yours? Iar? Where is it?"

"Maybe you lost it! I don't know. Or maybe your parents took it. You know how anti-witch they are."

"Why would they be so anti-witch if my mother at least is one?"

"I don't know. Maybe something happened! But you have to be!"

"This is insanity! I'm not the Water Witch! I can't be!"

"Deny it all you want, but your nature will show itself in time. Then we will know."

"And if I am? Would you bind or strip me of my powers like you guys were planning to? Will you be the one to commit me when I lose it?"

"Never! We'd train you to control it!"

"So you'd only strip the powers of someone that wasn't your best friend! I'm only safe from going crazy because I'm your best friend. That's the only thing keeping me from a padded room with creepy men trying to fight out why I'm crazy by asking a lot of stupid questions!"

Jeshycka looked hurt, but of course, that was the point. Ravyn was scared of this new knowledge. She didn't know how to react to it all. Fear causes you to hurt those closest to you.

"Jesh," Ravyn said. "I didn't-"

"Yeah, you did. I'll tell the coven the news and they will decide."

Jeshycka turned and went to her room, while Ravyn was left standing in the living room, dumbstruck. Jeshycka was her best friend, how could things be the same without her? Before Jeshycka, all Ravyn had was Leo and Chris, and they were hardly the best girl friends she needed.

Ravyn turned and headed for the door. She took one last look at the apartment before leaving. On her way back to her parents' house, she didn't even notice the snow that clung to her. The blizzard kept raging, but less strong, almost weakly.