Run Away

By Remy Chartier

Verse 1:

You can't take it anymore, can you?

You won't let them hurt you anymore,

As their words echo deep inside, you,

Take one step beyond the open door.

You think to yourself "tonight is the night,"

You won't have to suffer anymore

Take another step, and you can take flight

Never hear them say "You dirty little whore."

The air of night feels pleasant on your skin,

And you swear that you will never go back

Living is normal for you, but to them it's a sin,

And now you know your eyes are turning black.


So run away, run away

Run away from the pain

Run to a place you feel free.

Run away, run away

Run far away

Life can change; soon you will see.

Verse 2:

Now on the street, alone in the dark,

The anger burns you within

You wonder away, till, safe in a park

You see how life's not a sin.

But is it too late? Are you already dead?

Is your fleeing, even now in vain?

When it gets bad, your soul turns red,

And your heart is consumed by the flame.

Sick of their insults, but eager to please

You want more than anything to be loved.

You know you are good; they think you're a teaze

In their hearts, you're not worthy of their love.


So run away, run away,

Run away from the pain,

Run to a place you feel free,

Run away, run away,

Run far away,

It's your own choice: what will it be?


But every night

The same drama unfolds,

The curses and blows and you run!

But every night

You find yourself back

Amidst the adults of your home.

You have the skills

To start a new life

With the new love that they despise!

Show them they're wrong

Don't give into your fear

One day you'll shine bright in their eyes.


So run away, run away

Run away from the pain

To a place where you can feel free.

Run away, run away,

Run far, far away,

Live your own life … set yourself free.