As if aflame since time's first dawning

Burning with intense white light

The sun sets now, up since the morning

A lone little bird flies through the night

A dark silhouette on a sunset of red

In the shape of a horse with a horn on his head

Stands still and watches the great darkness fall

As thick and as black as a sturdy brick wall

A light from the horn that sparkles like dew

Lifts the darkness and lights the way through

The unicorn trots slowly down hill

And then runs full force with all might and all will

Fields of flowers in a golden blur

The wind and the rain on the unicorn's fur

As he pounds on the ground with his great swift hooves

With such grace and such beauty a unicorn moves

And with one final crash his feet hit the ground

He's into the sky without even a sound

He need no wings to soar through the air

Just the faith of the people who believe he is there.