I awoke today with a start. There was a commotion all around me. My fellow soldiers were in an uproar.

:Hey you, wake up," It was general semenus who spoke. "All of you meet me in the passage that leads to the urethra."

It was only then that i understood . Today we would finally have a chance to earn a place in the gene pool, the place where the best of us ended up. Most of us , if not all of us would be sacrificed today. How ironic that the one respponsible for our creation , also insured our damnation. For the ones who did not survive the mission would return to oblivion.

All this i thought about as i marched with my fellows to the briefing passage. General Semenus, the only one of us who had been graced with the pleasure of having a name was already prepared. "Our mission is of great importance," he bellowed, his voice echoing off the slimy walls. We are all vessles, all of us. There are no exceptions. Everyone will die today, for soon our creator will guide us forward into the great unknown. Our mission is to reach the golden egg and earn our place in....."

Bla bla bla , i thought. The most important day of our short lives and we were getting lectured. I had no time to think of this however, for at that moment, i heard a deep rumble.

It is time" semenus shouted.."cavalry, get into formation at once."

Thus began the longest journey of my life. Alright, it was the only journey, but that's not the point.First we were seized by a wave of fluid which would help guide us into the great beyond, a place, known for many reasons as "The cave of wonders" Our creator had prepared it for our arrival. The urethra, which was our exit from this base, had been docked at the cave enterance..

from there we would have to swim through hostile acids and monsters. And to think I once liked this life. Then again, I've only had a short time to enjoy it.

I suddenly found myself in a damp, dark place. It doesn't matter how much fluid we were carried by, the place was still damp.I really have to start paying attention and stop thinking. I swam with my fellows as General Semenus lead the way down a huge shaft, i really mean huge, bigger than all of us stacked on top of each other. Anyway we swam like mad. Suddenly, I heard screams. Soldiers were dying all around me. They were being incarcerated by acid. Quickly without really thinking for a change, I scrambled onto the heads of several of my fellows. My weight caused one to slip beneith the sea of acidic fluid. I didn't even stop to think of my cruel act.I did not want to end up like so many others.

"Don't even try that with me, private." I looked up and found myself right behind general semenus.He'd read my mind. No, I'd merely been thinking out loud again.Damn I've really got to stop doing that. I realized that i couldn't endanger the general, no matter how much of a bastard he was. However, the acid was flowing quickly towards us. Either i leave him and we both die, or i use him as a rock, and at least one of us would survive. I made my choice quickly. I would not die like this. I would do anything, sacrifice any one of those sperm in order to fullfill my purpose in life. And besides, our army would do better once we had a new general.

"sorry general, but it's either you or me," I told him. I scrambled on top of him and leapt on to a ledge, out of the path of the acid. He never struggled, maybe he knew it was for the best. Anyway, it was on through the guardians now.

The guardians were beings that guarded the core of this cave. The few of us that were left were killed instantly; however, I wasn't one of them. I had squeezed betweenb them to avoid them.

All at once, I saw a glowing spherical object in front of me. It was the egg! U had survived. Though i had had to sacrifice my own friends, I had prevailed. I penetrated deep into the golden sphere and felt my strength give out. I didn't care. The gene pool awaited me, and my life force would give birth to another creator. Who would then give birth to my sons. That's right, MY sons.