Written By Remy C


Shane Barons: Protagonist who was transformed into a vampire bi Eghicia in order to save his life.

Eghicia: A mysterious female vampire who embraces Shane and teaches him about the ways of a vampire.

Eugene: A psychotic vampire who has defied the vampiric code. He desires the flesh of others and kills for sport rather than food.

Elly Barons: Shane's sister who was captured by Eugene as a means of luring Shane to Ebits Park.

Shane's parents: Both were killed by Eugene.


Scene I: Empty Stage

(Curtain rises, revealing an empty stage, unfurnished and unlit except for a spotlight shining center stage that illuminates Shane, a boy whom is around 18 years of age. He is average height, short, brown hair and wearing a black trench coat that is opened.)

Shane: (gestures to audience) "Hi, my name is Shane Barons. I am a normal teenager as you can see. Well, maybe not. I was normal once, normal just like your brothers and sisters, your boyfriends and girlfriends and your sons and daughters. I had a home with family. … Well, I still have both, but they have changed quite a lot in the passed few years; 28 to be exact. Oh, I suppose I should have mentioned that earlier. I am 44 years old. How am I that old you ask? It is a long and sad tale, a tale I try hard to forget. But if you wish, I will tell it to you…"

(Lights slowly dim, and then fade out.)

Scene II: Shane's house

(Fade in L.C. Lights illuminate a clean bedroom. It is furnished with a television, dresser, small desk and bed. On the bed, Shane lies sleeping.

Shane (offstage): (Such dialog should be pre-recorded and played from off stage.) "2004, a year that should have meant the transition from the first stage of life. It was the weekend of my graduation, and I was so happy. Little did I know that my life was about to change forever."

(Fade in center stage. Elly, who is around 13 walks down a small hallway L.C to the closed door of Shane's room. She is short, with blonde, curly hair.)

Elly: (knocks) "Shane! Shane, get up sleepy head! (Opens the door and steps to Shane's bed.) Mom wants you."

Shane: (groans without stirring.)

Elly: (Jumps on Shane's chest.) "Get up! Get up! GET UP!!"

Shane: (Tries to throw her off.) "All right, Get off, I'm getting up."

Elly: (Gets off him.) "Good, Mom wants you to get ready. Your ceremony starts in two hours, and Mom said I have to come. It's going to be soo boring."

Shane: "Yeah, it will be boring for me too."

Elly: (Heads towards the door.) "Well, hurry up. Get ready." (Exit Elly center stage. Lights fade out.

Shane: (offstage) "Looking back, I recall how happy I was. I could finally be free of the confining walls of school. It was a time where nothing could go wrong, and, at the time, everything was going right; however, I was about to collide with destiny in a way that would shape my future." (Fade out.)

Scene III: Ebits Park.

Fade in. Shane walks alone slowly through the park from D.R. The lights are dim, but a faint spotlight is trained on Shane. He is wearing jeans and a white sweatshirt.

Shane: (offstage) "Here I am, the place that started it all; Ebits Park. I was just returning home after a small get-together with a few of my friends. My ceremony had ended, and I was returning home to get ready for my Final dance at school. I chose the park because it was quicker, and quieter. (Shane stops D.C. and bends down.) But suddenly, I discovered something terrible; something … (another spotlight falls on a body at Shane's feet. It is a man bleeding from his torn throat.) … dead.

Shane: (Cries out in horror and turns his back on the body. Spotlight on body dims a little, and two glowing eyes blink from atop a tree U.C.) Oh God … What happened to him? (Turns to the body again and looks down.) Shot? (Bends down and looks closer.) No … cut.

Shane (offstage): "HE was dead, and I was scared as hell. I'd never seen a dead person before. I should have ran, but despite my fear, I was curious to know what had happened. (From atop the tree, the red eyes continue to blink.) I soon discovered, however, that I was not alone, and not the only thing alive."

Shane: (Stands and begins to run back the way he had been walking D.R.) Help Me!! He's DEAD!! (The form of Eugene drops from the tree and grabs Shane from behind. The light prevents the audience from seeing Eugene's features.)

Eugene: (angrily) Shut the hell up you little runt.

Shane: Let go of me. Who the he –" (Eugene claps a hand over Shane's mouth. His hand, which has come into the light, is covered with blood.)

Eugene: "Better. Silence makes them less tasty though. (With one hand still on Shane's mouth, Eugene touches Shane's face softly.) MMMMM. Young flesh … soft flesh … juicy flesh. Tender, and juicy flesh. (Eugene lets go of Shane who starts screaming. Shane tries to run, But is knocked to his knees by Eugene.) Okay, enough of that. Because I don't want you to scream with fear, I want you to scream in AGONY." (Laughs crazily and pushes Shane towards the audience, where Eugene's face becomes visible. It is contorted, and his mouth is covered with blood. Blackout, Eugene snarls and Shane Screams in pain.) "mmmmm, it tastes good. The blood is warm and fresh." (Lights dim the stage once again as Eghicia Springs out of a darkened corner UL and slashes at Eugene with a sword. Eugene howls and turns to Eghicia who is a tall, dark-haired woman wearing a long trench coat.) "BITCH! I might have known YOU'D show up here. No matter, I'm delighted to see you. Are you going to try and "save" this one as well?!! Better hurry then, (Eugene leaps away and disappears UR.)

Eghicia: (Kneels beside Shane who is unconscious and bleeding heavily from his stomach.) "I'm so sorry, this was not supposed to happen … IT was me who … Eugene! You BASTARD!" (Takes Shane's head in her hands) "You … I can't let you die because of him. I have no choice if I am to save you." (Gently, Eghicia bites Shane's neck. Lights fade slowly as Eghicia lifts Shane into her arms.)

Scene IV: Eghicia's Apartment

(Fade in UR Eghicia sits on the edge of a bed with a large knife held against her wrist. Beside her, Shane stirs.)

Shane (offstage): I awoke in a strange place with an unfamiliar woman sitting beside me. My stomach hurt, and my throat was drier than it had ever been. I couldn't move without hurting. (Shane groans from the bed and tries to move.) When I opened my eyes, the woman was cutting her wrist with a large knife, and filling a glass with her own blood. (Eghicia slashes her wrist, which begins to stream, blood that she let's flow into a dark mug.) "I tried to call out to her, but it hurt to even talk. The dryness in my throat was being replaced with a burning sensation. As I watched helplessly, the woman's wrist suddenly closed up and she turned to face me." (The blood stops flowing and Eghicia wipes her wrist with a towel, then turns to face him.)

Eghicia: "Good, you have awakened at last, I was beginning to get worried."

Shane: Who? … Hurts.

Eghicia: "Please don't talk right now."

Shane: "Water … throat … hurts …"

Eghicia: (Brings the mug to Shane's lips.) " You must drink this."

Shane (offstage): I was horrified. I had not forgotten what she had put in that mug. I tried to resist, but the instant the blood hit my throat, I felt much better. (Shane drinks,"

Shane: "It, it doesn't hurt anymore. My stomach feels better." (He sits up and looks at Eghicia. The wound on his stomach is gone.) Who are you? Where am I."

Eghicia: "I am Eghicia, and you are in my house. I brought you here because that insane bastard, Eugine tried to kill you."

Shane: "Kill? Yes, I think I remember. His hands … they were so bloody, just like his face." (Looks down at his stomach.) "What happened? He cut me; I felt it. But there is nothing there."

Eghicia: (puts a hand on Shane's shoulder.) " Rest, my young one. I will explain everything to you when you get some sleep. You will have to miss your dance; I'm so sorry."

Shane (offstage): "I didn't feel like arguing, for I was indeed tired. And Eghicia was a pretty girl to say the least. I drifted off wondering how she could have known about the dance. I hoped she would give me the answers to all the questions that flooded my mind." (Blackout.)

ACT II, Scene I: Empty Stage

Shane (offstage): She told me everything all right; everything that made it worse to bare what I had become. She told me that I had been embraced, and that she had become my Sire. In other words, I had been transformed into a vampire, and had been reborn into a new existence. After drinking the blood from Eghicia's wrist, I had been united with her, and the clan she belonged to. I was stunned. I cursed her for a liar … and then I did the only thing I could think of. Out of desperation, I leapt from her window, for if what she said was true, I just wanted it to end; however, the angel of death was not merciful. I suddenly realized that I could fly, and that suddenly, I had landed on the pavement unhurt." (A spotlight shines on Shane center stage, He is running on the spot hard.) "I began to run, away from Eghicia and away from the fate that had chosen me to become a creature of darkness. I could not even comprehend what was happening. I simply chose to believe that Eghicia was lying, and that none of what had happened in the park was real. But, a burning sensation was developing in my throat. Even knowing this, I chose to believe that it was a result of running so hard … I don't know how long I ran, but eventually, I wound up on my doorstep." (Blackout.)

Scene II: Shane's Kitchen

(Spotlight is targeted on Shane, who walks slowly through a darkened kitchen DL His white shirt is torn, but no longer bloody.)

Shane (offstage): "Inside, I witnessed grief at it's fullest, as I flicked on the light. I thought everyone had gone to bed. But …" (Shane reaches to his right and flicks on the light. Lights come on, illuminating the kitchen. On the floor, a man and woman lie in a pool of blood.)

Shane: "Mom? Dad? NO!" (Kneels at his mom's side and lifts her hand which is limp. He begins to cry and slams his fist against his head. Turns his mother over. She is bleeding from the throat.)

Shane (offstage): "It was the same as the park. My parents … dead in the same manner." (Behind Shane, in a darkened corner, the red eyes of Eugene blink.) "I then did something, that at the time, almost made me sick." (Shane Takes his mother's wrist and bites it, drinking the blood.) "At that time, I had no Idea why I did that, I was in a daze." (Eugene walks up to Shane, stopping about four feet from him.)

Eugene: "Delicious isn't it? Is the ripe flesh of mortals not delicious? Is it not sweet and juicy?" (Shane turns quickly. Eugene laughs crazily and punches Shane Who blocks.) "Pay back time you little shit! I should have killed you when I had the chance. But instead, I decided to pray upon the ones you cherish most. They tasted quite good, especially your mother." (Shane stands trembling with anger in front of Eugene.)

Shane (offstage): "I felt a new sensation come over me, much like adrenalin, but a thousand times more powerful. I was filled with sorrow, but also with rage."

Shane: (gathering himself together.) "YOU SON OF A BITCH!! I'LL KILL YOU!!" (Runs wildly at Eugene who leaps backward as Shane reaches him, grabs him, and throws him to the ground.)

Eugene: "Ahhh, such rage. You should be amusing to play with. Look behind you, boy."

Shane: (Glances over his shoulder as Elly enters CL her face is smudged with blood and tears.) "Elly!! Elly, Get out of here!! RUN!!

Elly: (pulls a knife from behind her back.) "Leave my brother alone you jerk!" (Runs at Eugene with knife. Eugene pushes Shane to the side and catches Elly as she runs. HE wrenches the knife from her hand and puts an arm around her, holding her.)

Shane: "Let go of her!"

Eugene: "We will settle this soon boy. And just to make sure you follow me, I am taking your sweet little Elly with me. I'll have my "fun" with her if you don't show up." (Laughs crazily as he leaps offstage with Elly DL Eghicia enters the way Eugene had appeared.)

Eghicia: "You shouldn't have left me so soon; you still have so much to learn." (Looks at the corpses.) "Eugene was here, wasn't he? He wants revenge for being disturbed. And he knew you would come here."

Shane: "shut up! What do you know?"

Eghicia: "More than you young one. You are not ready to leave my side. But now, there is not much I can do for you. You must save your sister from Eugene. He will not harm her as long as you are alive, but if you die, then so will she." (Lights fade.)


Scene I: The Park

Shane (offstage): "Eghicia was right, I was not ready to leave her side. I was not ready for anything. I was just a lost little boy who could not cope with what had happened. I had eaten the arm of my own mother as if it were a corn on the cob, and I had reveled in the taste. What had I done? At the time, I knew nothing. Eghicia helped me understand. She told me that this was how we vampires fed, not by draining the blood of others through the throat, but by drinking it from anywhere. The neck only served as the first stage of the embrace, and was not necessary for feeding. She told me also of the vampire named Eugene. How he had been driven insane by the embrace 40 years ago. He defied the vampire code, feeding for sport, not for food. According to her, vampires only feed when the desire for food is present. …Finally, I decided to go after Eugene. Eghicia taught me to track other vampires using a sixth sense, and together, we started searching. We found him in the same place he and I had first met; Ebits Park. He was lying in wait, and Elly was with him as well. Eghicia suddenly told me that I had to do this alone, that this would prove my strength. No matter how much I argued, she stuck to her words; thus, I entered the park alone." (Light up stage. The same park. Shane enters CL, wearing the long black coat he had worn in act I, scene I. Eugene is waiting CR with an unconscious Elly in his arms.)

Eugine: "You're late, boy. You disappoint me. (Strokes Elly's forehead) Mmmmmm, human mortality is so frail, wouldn't you agree? (Puts his hand around her neck.) Why with one twist … (Kisses Elly's forehead.) I could snap her pretty neck. And then… (licks her) delicious!"

Shane: "Let her go Eugene! She is not part of your madness!"

Eugene: (Puts Elly down and faces Shane.) "Madness? I am not mad, just hungry, and Horney too. Your sister wasn't good enough for that." (Laughs.)

Shane: (Drawing a sword.) "No, you are lying … you didn't do anything! Except defy the code of vampires, a crime punishable by the leader of your clan."

Eugene: (Laughs) "Oyo, done your homework I see. You are right, boy. I am well aware of the rules. But justbecause one knows the rules, doesn't mean they have to follow them. And as for my clan … none of them are in any position to stop me now.""

Shane: "What do you mean?"

Eugine "Let's just say… (puts a hand on his stomach) I made them part of me. What about you, boy? You could be part of me as well. Be my strength. Give yourself to me, and let us cast these pathetic mortals into oblivion!"

Shane: "Enough of your rambling! I'll never forgive you for killing my parents!"

Eugine: "So … You too wish to defy me? Very well. If you will not yield to my will … (Draws his own sword) Then you will feel my pain!"

Shane: "Pay back time." (They begin to fight.)

Shane (offstage): "It was clear that Eugene had the advantage over me, having been around longer. Nonetheless, (stabs Eugene in the chest) I took his life. (Eugene dies. Shane approaches Elly and tries to wake her.) Elly was the only thing that mattered to me after that. But it was already too late." (Elly won't move.)

Shane: "Elly? Elly! NO, you can't die on me too." (Eghicia enters UL and stands beside Shane.)

Eghicia: "It is too late. Elly is dying. It's not your fault. It is mine. I underestimated Eugene. He left her at the brink of death, to fool you into coming here."

Shane: "NO! ELLY NO! You can't die! I've lost everyone. (Turns to Eghicia.) Why couldn't you let me die that night? Why did I have to see this?"

Eghicia: (Puts a hand on Shane's shoulder.) "It is not too late. You can choose to save her, by embracing her as your child. Become her Sire, just as I became yours."

Shane (offstage): "I did not know what I should do. I had the power to save at least one life, but at what cost to Elly? Did I really desire her to become like me?"

Shane: "No, I will not damn her to that fate. … Let her be happy … with our parents."

Eghicia: "I see, and I respect your decision. But are you sure that is best?"

Shane: "Yes. (Leans down and kisses Elly on the forehead) I think it is for the best. (Lifts Elly into his arms.) Tell me. Did Eugene do anything sexual to her? Like he was implying?"

Eghicia: "no, he used it to anger you. (Both turn away and begin walking DR as the lights slowly fade.) I'm impressed; I never thought you could beat him. I would have helped if you had needed it, but it is nice to see you handle yourself." (Blackout)

Scene II: Empty Stage

(Lights fade in as Shane stands center stage once more.)

Shane: "And I have taken Care of myself. I have learned much over the last two-and-a-half decades. I have since parted company with Eghicia, but we still cross paths once in a few years. I am glad she is with me. She is like a mother to me, and a constant reminder that life as a vampire is worth living. O yes, I have learned to appreciate the gift of immortality, especially when all my friends are the same way. It is just as Eghicia said; all it would take is time. … As for Elly, we berried her that night, along with the rest of my family. I sometimes wonder now whether it was the right decision to let her die. One day, when my time is up, perhaps that question will finally be answered … I know there are many questions I have left unanswered, but they will have to wait until next time. For now, I must be off, for it is getting dark, and I need to feed this night. Farewell all, and do not be afraid of what you do not understand." (Fade out, curtain falls.)