((Why oh why did I leave the front door open?))

Interstate pathway to your body
Because the interstate had to be paved through your mind
The city official asks, "Now how do you fare?"
"Well, besides the headache I'm just fine
Though the interstate whirls and twirls around my entrails
Like barbed-wire, it is choking up my soul
I suppose it is all well for the interstate drivers
And at the least, the government must make good with the toll
But senior city official, I inquire you thus
Why must you utilize my humble self?
You've branded me as state property
Yet couldn't you have done this anywhere else?
You smirk and sneer and smile at me
As if to say that everything's alright
But my acquiescence doesn't contain your levity
And still my doubt you consistently choose to smite
Interstate pathway through my body
That just clogged and polluted my lungs
Hey there, mister senior official
Do you do this to everyone?"