With You by writerforever

On that wonderful day

When You came into my life

Everything was full of joy

And peace abounded

But now I'm empty

I'm cold and tired

Life's wore me down

I forgot all about You

Wrapped up in my own selfish wants

But on this morning

As I awakened

I realized how far I'd gone away from You

It wasn't what I meant to do

It just happened

Closing my eyes

As tears of grief fell

I realized just how much I love You

And how much I need You

You were the friend that stayed by my side

You chose to stay with me

You wanted to love me

When I didn't want to love You

When fears of the night whispered in my ear

It was You who fought them away

You clung to me

Even when I struggled to pull away

Now I'm asking You

Take me in Your arms once more

Make me over

Cleanse me from all this sin

Let me be with You

Let me rest with You

Let me love You as I once did

Let me be with You, Jesus