My dearest took me out today
For a picnic in the park
And we might've seen the flowers
If the gray sun weren't so dark

We had a processed, packaged lunch
Under green-gray smoggy skies
As we were softly serenaded
By the big black buzzing flies

We went for a river ride
Among the junk and the debris
And I must say it was romantic
Just the poison, you, and me

We sat atop the crumbling bridge
Blackened with graffiti stains
And I'm sure we'd have a lovely chat
If not for the whining of that plane

And a smattering of acid rain
Stings a bit upon the skin
But what's a little melting flesh
Against this lovely world we're in

We went for a lovely stroll
Along the glass-shard littered sand
We walked with arm in grimy arm
With hand in grimy hand

We would've sat down in the grass
If it weren't browned with dry despair
And we would've seen the sunset
If the buildings weren't there

Some birds were sitting on the dock
With oily feathers matted down
But the sickly creatures fell right in
So we watched the birdies drown

We thought we'd take a little nap
Next to the smokestacks over there
And I'd sing you a sweet lullaby
If not for the toxic air

And I find it all so lovely
In that polluted sort of way
So God bless My America
And God bless this lovely day