Autumn and ashes

We'll burn all the leaves

From the trees

Of your lingering tears

And we've gotten so far

And we've both tried so hard

That I just hope you'll always be here

By my side

On the rain-splattered road

Through the crashing of salt-water tide

And beyond

To forget about time

On a porch, rocking, singing a song

About love

And that Ben Franklin metaphor

Smiles shining down from above

Just to sweep

All the leaves from the tree

Of your sadness, so ocean wave deep

On the shore

Where I knew you before

Before when you said we'd be friends

'Til the end

And this message I send

That it kills to go home

When we walk to the park

And we die before dark

But it's better than dying alone

So please know

That despite what I've said

That my heart's not yet dead

And I trust you

Even though it won't show

Through those leaves

Of your broken-heart willow

As it shakes in a cool summer breeze

While it waits

Until Autumn smiles fate

And the leaves have all fallen from trees