There are mascara streaks

All down my cheeks

And across the back of my hand

Teardrop are falling from

Rain cloud gray eyes

They are washing away

All the hurt that you've left behind

The images fade

Of the way that I made


Into something you clearly were not

An Angel of some kind

Someone who could do no wrong

Though I knew all along

All the pain that you caused me

The hurt was so strong

I said it was my fault

There must be something more

Some glimmer of light in the dark

Of your cold empty heart

Some little spark

That I was missing

But that's not the truth

And it never was

You're no diamond

You're just the rough

And I'm through trying to see

Something that's not there

And never will be

You're over and gone

And it's taken me so long

But I finally see

That it is me

Who deserves to be

Treated much better you see

He's everything that you never would be

And I love him so much that I could just die

His motives or reasons I never have to question why

He is the light

And you were the dark

And I'm finally free

Of your imagery

And now I see

You for what you really are

No Angel at all

But just a man

And maybe you can't walk away but

I can