The History of Sean Fury

The original Sean Fury was born in the year 1439, during the Dark Ages, and in the country of Italy. He was born to normal parents, but they died and left him orphaned at a very young age; expected to die, Sean survived by learning how to steal food and small amounts of money. Eventually, Sean became one of the most infamous thieves of the Dark Ages, and by himself, became the biggest enemy to the intimidation gang, the Shinkos (who owned pretty much everything besides the King of Topika, where Sean lived). Eventually, Sean met up with a beautiful and mysterious Sorceress named Destanie, and through their own hardships fell in love and were wed. But Destanie also gave Sean an incredible power, the ability to control shadows called Shadow Kinesis, but he had no true control of its pure and raw power. A few years after being married, their first and only child, Axel (aka Flare), was born and not even a full month later, the Shinkos finally murdered Sean.

Almost three-hundred years later, in the year 1705, Sean Fury was reincarnated in Japan. Without his soul mate in his life this time, Sean was driven to a life of malevolence and violence, but around his 27th birthday he found her again. His power of the shadows was at the highest it had ever been, which was still not very strong, and it was time to turn his life around. After meeting with Destanie for the first time in three-hundred years, Sean decided to change and instead of a life of shadows, he became the ever vengeful Moonlight Knight; seeking revenge on all the horrid people in the world. The twosome lived long and healthy lives, and had three children: Fuyu Tsuki Fury, Evia Sital Fury, and Nage Fury, none of which went on to do anything special, except for Fuyu who became the second Moonlight Knight, but did nothing extraordinary in his time.

In the year 1836, Sean Fury was again reincarnated, but this time, something went horribly wrong. The shadow powers he had attained more than three-hundred years ago were uncontrollable and perhaps it had to do with his revelation in the 1700's, but nonetheless, something went wrong. His mind caved in, he lost all sanity, the dark powers of the shadow bit at his consciousness every waking moment, making him quite the insomniac. With an unstable mind, Sean became a very phobic person, fearing many things including crowds, the sight of blood, thunder and lightning, and much more; not only that, but his body was very ill efficient in producing white blood cells and many other necessary cells in order to keep his body healthy, which allowed sickness to overtake him very easily. And with an unstable mind, Sean became extraordinarily violent and deadly, making him think he was invincible and wanting to die so badly, wanting to kill, wanting to be left alone; eventually, he murdered his soul mate and drank her blood, which caused him to rave even more once he realized what he had done. Eventually, he was taken down by an old friend of his...

1956, far away from the milky-way galaxy there lies the Planet Vegeta, which holds the warrior race called the "Sayians". Born to a rich and prosperous, noble Sayian race, which lineage actually would say that Sean and the great Prince Vegeta were blood relatives allowed Sean to be one of the few survivors when the evil changeling Freiza came and killed all but the most loyal Sayians. Sean, however, was spared as he was a baby and also related to Prince Vegeta, but he also had a brother, who was nearly 10 years older then Sean: his name was Ace. Ace knew that Sean would not last long under Freiza's rule and wanted his brother to have a happy life, not one under a tyrannically rule. Using one of the last space pods, Ace shot Sean off into space, hopefully to a planet where he'd be cared for, and Sean landed on Earth. Unfortunately, a number of years later, the last of Sayians died due to the careless missions Emperor Freiza gave, but he was given his own last rights when the powerful Super Sayian Goku finished him for good. Sean grew up on Earth, and died of natural causes at an old age, but never was married.

2008 the only "normal" Sean Fury is born. Raised in a middle-class family, he becomes an athletic jock, and overall arrogant, but strong and intelligent, person. His parents die in a plane crash in 2023 from terrorist hijacking, and his goal in life becomes one of justice. After completing school at age 17, Sean goes on to become a prominent law officer until that fateful year in 2031. The Zombapocalypse is a blow for the world and Sean takes on one of the most heroic deeds in the history of his incarnations. Traveling with a group of thirteen people, (including a pregnant woman, an old couple, and three children) he managed to help them survive until they could reach the Canadian Border and cross over while he stayed behind to fight the good fight. He died two years later in battle with the zombies. A memorial was constructed in Neo New York City, once it was rebuilt, in his honor and it can be found in Centre Park.

2050 Sean Fury is called upon again, but this time for different reasons. Born into a broken down city in the middle of the U.S., Sean's parents are murdered early in his life due to the high crime rate as the world attempts to recover from the zombie menace. He goes to a boarding school and doesn't have many friends, but as he gets attacked by a group of thugs one day, he discovers he actually possess' divine powers. A sword of flames is bestowed upon him and he kills the people who threatened his life. Soon, an angel appears to him and explains everything, and what Sean must do to fulfill his role. Feeling betrayed by the world, Sean uses his powers for evil, until he meets a beautiful girl by the name of...yeah, Destanie. Her influence on his life becomes the positivity he needs, and Sean finally accepts the angel's wishes. Sean becomes the "Holy Shadow" and seeks to rid his home of all evil, bigotry, crime, and mal-doing to help the world and protect his home. Sean and his (eventual) wife Destanie die at age 46 and 44 (respectively) from a disease that seemed to have been spawned from the zombies. Cured merely a few months after their death, Sean would be rewarded one day.

2187 Sean Fury was again reincarnated, but this time, he had his power and he had control. He grew up normally, a family, friends, but the only thing he had not, was love. Was it because of his feminine side being oddly abnormal in this life? Or was it simply because he had become too powerful? Whatever the reason was, Sean eventually discovered his true identity, that he was actually the son of a powerful Demon named Talon and his mother was also a Demon, named Reika, whose last names cannot be spoken in English so we will just call them Fury. However, it was not the love of two Demons, two people, two lovers that brought Sean into this world; it was the greedy palms of a corrupt government, seeking to create an army of warriors. However, the memories of Sean between his birth in a lab when he spoke Japanese and to his 13th birthday, which is the latest he can remember, and he's always been alone. Nonetheless, Sean was without his soul mate this time around, and with total control over his shadow powers, he travels the Earth and likewise trying to reunite with her...