The moon was shining through the forest trees. Brenack threw caution to the wind, riding as fast as his horse could go, ignoring the low branches that seemed hit him constantly. The cold wind ruffled his dark gray cloak, and his silver hair. Silver eyes scanned the path behind him as he road, to make sure there was no one following. A sound to his left caught his attention. Even though he had far better eyesight than any human, he could not make out anything in the bleak mist that was coming from the ground.

Breneck was an elf. One of the few that was left. And now he was being hunted. He knew not who was after him, only that his predator was an amazing tracker. Brenack first became aware of the hunter three days ago on the main rode to Yerlinger where the Efers, the last force to stand against the king, resided. The elf was one of their spies and had recently came across important news that must reach the Efers! It was there, on his way, that the hunt began. Since then Brenack had done everything to sneak through the forest. Elves were famous for being able to cover their tracks in a forest. Making it look as though the forest had been undisturbed for years. Yet the hunter kept pursuing! Finally the elf was forced to steal a horse on the third day and try to out ride his hunter.

The sound of rushing water under the horse's hooves brought Brenack back to reality. He had the horse stop and drink for a second, so as not to run him into the ground. While his horse drank he took the opportunity to survey his surroundings. The mist had dissipated allowing him to see around him clearly. Thick maple and elm trees stood tall spreading their branches to make a roof where only spots of moonlight could flicker through. The river was a good ten yards across and not deep at all. Mushrooms and other fungus grew along the tree trunks. Here and there sprouts of flowers and foliage sprouted up where the trees allowed sun to shine. The wind that once was biting cold, now was warm and almost trying to lull the elf to sleep. The forest was quite except for the wind rustling of the leaves and the stream bellow him.

All of the sudden his horse stopped drinking and looked up. Brenack followed the horse's gaze. A dark tree loomed up on the bank to their right. It seemed to engulf any light around them. The mist returned. Like a thick blanket it engulfed the ground beneath them. The wind suddenly turned cold again. A glimmer came from around the dark tree. Brenack heard the slow creaking of wood. Instantly he caused the air around him to thicken until it became as hard as rock. An arrow sped its way and bouncing harmlessly off the barrier!

The horsed neighed and threw Brenack off onto his back into the river. He cursed under his breath. He should have remembered that all animals were afraid of magic! The cold mist seemed to penetrate through his leather trousers and cloak.

Out of the darkness of the tree, two large white wings stretched out into the moonlight. They spanned at least twenty feet. Long, white feathers fluttered in the wind. Silently a man appeared out of the shadows. He was tall and powerfully built. Black hair was tied back into a pony tail. Deep green eyes stared into Brenack's own silver eyes. The man was dressed in a leather jerkin that hung over chain mail. A long spear hung on the warrior's back along with a quiver full of arrows. A single bladed, curved sword hung at his left hip. The warrior had wings!

"Wh-wh-who are you?" Asked Brenack shakily. He had never before seen such a sight before. Stories of men with wings had reached his ears before, but according to the stories they had died out with the dragons!

"I am Groy. Second Commander of the White Angels, of the Great Tower. I have been hired to capture you and bring you to the king of this land. Well you come without a struggle?" The warrior asked. His face was emotionless.

Brenack stood speechless! The Great Tower used to be a place where men, elves, and dwarves dedicated themselves to protecting and raising dragons! They were destroyed long ago by jealous kings that wanted the power of dragons! The people that raised the dragons, Dragonites were what they were called then, disappeared with a few of the dragons that lived! It happened so long ago that people often regarded them as creatures of legends! "Are you a Dragonite?" He asked.

The answer that came froze his blood. "Yes."

Brenack licked his lips and quickly looked around him. There was a large tree to the left of him that he could hide behind. He was a talented magician that was especially good at using the water element, so he wasn't at a total disadvantage. Quickly diving down into the mist he rolled behind the tree. Shutting his eyes he felt the water around him and caused it to come up and turn to icy spears! The spears went flying into the direction of the Dragonite!

As soon as the icy spears came within a foot of the dragonite they were turned to steam by small fires! Brenack felt the ground beneath him rumble! Rocks flew up from the ground and knocked him off balance! One large rock went flying at his head. He didn't even have time to let out a scream before his world went black.