For all of you who are fortunate enough to have run through woods and meadows after sunset, you will understand. And if you have followed a dog even once in your life through the wilds...

There is peace here

Peace, and an ache that haunts and never wanes

Twilight's fallen, and dusk lingers on the meadow

The half-light, where things are not as they are

It shifts

Don't trust your eyes

Trees blur and dance and run with silver

Shadows fall into light, falling again into shadow

Peace and life, life brimming on your lips

Life stirring in your limbs, limbering your step

Ahead a golden shape leaps

Running towards you through what might be trees

Soft fur beneath your hand

Warmth pressing against your leg

Liquid eye

Glint of something not quite tame

Half hidden

It bounds away, glancing back

Something floods you and you follow

Flying through the forests

Dancing on strains of starlight

Trusting not because you can

But because it's natural


And timeless