Hey, this is Mack from Clodhopper. ColorCrayons is my old penname which I will be using to post this "piece." It will hopefully assist you in your quest for more reviews. Ty, my cousin (and the other half of Clodhopper) will – as always – be editing this for me, but if you see any errors you're welcome to point them out. I do not necessarily expect reviews on this piece, but if you feel so inclined please feel free to drop me one. If you know a different, more useful way to gather the much-desired (but somehow elusive) review, type it out – I'm sure those reading would be very appreciative.

More than once my cousin and I have been asked how we get so many reviews. I'm not writing this to sound conceited or gloat about the feedback I've received, I'm writing it as an answer to those who have questioned me. Please feel free to skim around. Pick-and-choose what information you want to take to heart and use. Feel free. This is our (my cousin included, not the royal plural) "FictionPress Guide to Reviewing." Welcome!

Okay, there are a lot of different ways, techniques, etc that you can use to receive feedback. It isn't like we're working the system or tricking anyone – sometimes it isn't even like our stories are that amazing! (If you click on my name and see some of our old works, you'll note that most of then aren't very well written.) Yet somehow a few of them have 200 reviews. (Again, we're not bragging. I know of another story that has over 1000.) The fact it, we stuck to a few basic rules and they worked! (Geez, it kinda sounds like a get rich quick scheme, doesn't it?)

These are the next few chapters and some of the basic simple ways we get reviews: 1. The story itself. 2. Reviewing. 3. Miscellaneous. If you're only going to read one, I highly suggest you read the "reviewing" chapter – this is one of the keys, though they'll all help.