Like water of rivers flowing to the sea,
Sadness overflowed through droplets of water
flowing down the plain.
It's more than the rain that gives richness to the land.
Nourishing the weary soul
devoid of rest and filled with fear.
The skies say it all like Moses' miracle of the sea.
Parting of humanity and emotionality,
signaling the end of a shutdown
long overdue.
Maybe, life has a funny way of a joke.
Happiness brought by tears
falling like leaves on an autumn day?
The crisp feeling of loneliness and pain,
Brings forth the assurance of life:
you're still human, you cried.
Call by the soul, answer by the eyes.
As a film with no sound, no talks.
you linger on unspoken replies and images,
nothing but emotions and faces.
Leap of faith, it is. They say.
Leap of faith, is it? I say
Stupidity to a level of despair?
Tears now answer for it all.
I lost enough. I called for it to stop.
If I'm human, why can't it stop?
Enough is enough; reasons hidden beneath the earth!
All leached away by tears of heaven
no explanations made,
all in the stand of a leap of faith.
Taken away, he's taken away. Tears?
Tears flow like a river,
jerk he will be, foolish I'll always be.
Giving it all, idle tears flow foolishly hoping,
hoping for the return of love long ceased.
By the window, I waited.
And waited.
And waited some more.
But, tears all came. What if tears are life?
I lost my life just waiting,
waiting for my time to die?
Alone. Die alone? In a cold, unlit room?
Tears were created for humanity's sake.
Humans cry for humanity to resurface.
Like I, masking emotions for years.
I'm queer. It's my choice I believe. Strong-willed.
Built to last. Except for love that is.
I fall in quick, he falls out quick.
Tears? Tears. Tears!
Never leave my side.
You're my life. My everlasting gift.
Gift of a river flowing down the sea.
giving life to this near-dead plain of the soul.