I'm peering through glass from my 16-ounce world
my palms are pressed flat and my eyes strain to see
Show me the world but don't let it destroy me
I'm searching for answers I'm longing to find

searching for beauty
in dregs of humanity
knowing full well
that its high time I fell

Holes were jabbed in the lid, they're not enough
this care it just suffocates, they don't know any better
laughing like mad yet I'm still plagued by apathy
closing my eyes but still longing to see

teach me the language
I'm willing to learn
handcuff my wrists
and then say its my turn

I'm seeing the world as it is; its too much for me
I should've known they were right all along
My head is hung low I'm too frightened for inquiry
knowing I'm punished for thinking at all...