My Last Request

I think something evil is on it's way,

Something to taunt my already fraying spirit.

Tell it to wait for me at the old bridge,

Tell it make sure it's alone.

I feel a wave of sadness heading here,

I fear this will be the last time I try to hide.

Tell it if it gives me one more peaceful night,

Tell it I'll wear the black satin dress.

I can sense something is going to happen,

I will meet it there at the old bridge.

The sun will be my silent witness,

As I plunge.

I can hear it's telling me a message.

True pain is not the same as it was yesterday,

And love with never fail to break and shame all.

Tell it I'll bring my memories for it to hold.

I know tonight will be my last,

And I know my tainted tears will mix with the water,

As I cry.

Tell it I promise I won't scream when I fall.