Let me be a pebble

Sitting by that steel road-

Make me of stone.

Strong enough to stand the pain.

Tough enough to do it alone.

Never changing, never moving,

I'll never ask for help.

Let me be the wind

That moves without a care-

Make me of air.

No obstacle to hold me.

Bold enough to challenge anything.

Never waning, never faltering,

No need for help.

Suddenly I feel my wings changing...

From white to black

As I give into my sins.

I can't move on, I can't start over.

Because I've already been born again.

Let me be her protection,

Always her strong wall-

I will stand tall.

Wise enough to guide her well.

And show her the ways of this world.

Always smiling, always loving,

I'll always give her help

Suddenly I feel my wings changing...

From black to white

As my sins are forgiven.

I can move on, start over,

And soon enough I'll be reborn again…

Let me be a free bird

Away from that steel road-

Make me a crow.

Lifted aloft, I will fly,

And sing of what it means

To have a friend.