My take on the abused.


Naked belly on the cold tiled floor

Crimson ribbons bind my wrist

Running, following to the door

Strewn, sealed with your deadly kiss.

Can you not love me my dear? I ask

A trace of smile break through your mask

I give you the color of love you say,

I nod, saying yes, everyday.

So scarlet fills my silent screams,

Scarlet fills my every dreams

And each time I try to rise above,

You give my scarlet, the color of your love.

Will you not show me love my dear?

I ask you as you turned away,

Oh but, I gave you purple flowers here,

And here, and here, and here, and hereā€¦

I smile weakly thinking I am loved,

Oh Lord, yes I am loved enough

And so I left bound bruised and broken

With nothing with me but tears unforgivenā€¦.