Deathwish of a Cold Dead Soul

From the tongue and the soul and the face of your heart,
You can cry to the world, but you'll be ripped apart.
If the life that you live isn't dark enough yet,
You can tell me your secrets, and then you'll forget.
When your sun's black hole sets for the last blood-red time,
You can sing, and we'll dance, but you'll know you're all mine.
And the green of the sky and the blue of the grass,
It will turn all the flowers to silk paper glass.
As the leaves scream to us in their lullaby tears
We'll be caught up in dreams while we're facing our fears,
And you'll come to the knowledge that life is a game,
'Cause you need me to even just know your own name.
And everything has to eventually end.
I'm just glad that you never quite called me your friend.