The soft, ambrosial petals of the annual rose trees fell with absolute grace, scattering against the stone tiles of the road. It was sunset, children played in joy, young men and woman strolled around, the ending day for everyone was fair in the town of Resqueut, all except for Stella Reutiviula.

"Goodness me, I'll never get this all done in time. Damn it," Stella cursed herself, as she hurried back into town, the fallen rose petals swifting around her as she walked over them, letting them slowly drift back onto the ground.

Stella sighed as she walked into the store she worked in, Jim's General Store. Stella had wondered as to why it was called Jim's, when the owner of the store was a middle-aged woman named Miss Sally Saluture, but she never asked her.

"Stella, damn it, you're late again!" Miss Sally barked at her, dropping a 50 lb bag of flour onto the creaky wooden floor. "You do know that you have other deliveries to make, right?" She stabbed a pin into the bag with a note in it, indicating where Stella has to take it to.

Stella looked up in total disbelief. You have to be kidding me, Stella thought. I just delivered 5 20 lb bags of jerky to some old geezer. The young 19 year old took a deep breath, and kicked the flour, "Miss Sally, I'm going home. It's quitting time, and I have to get home."

"Oh please," Miss Sally scoffed, "We all have somewhere to go, honey. But you have to take the graveyard shift tonight. You never know when a customer wants to get some medication or extra flour." She patted the bag Stella kicked effortlessly, and walked out of the store, her huge rimmed hat placed onto her head. 'Good luck,' was all she said, before she disappeared from the doorway.

Stella sighed once again in anger, dragging the bag to the storage room to be delivered later. She didn't want to go strolling out there with heavy bags and no help. The benevolent London-born girl sat behind the counter, her pale face in a pout.

About 1:30, almost closing time, Stella was turning off the lights and getting ready to take herself home, until a strange man with the collar of his jacket high and stiff. "Oh, hello, welcome to Jim's General Store. How may I help you tonight, sir?" Stella flashed the man her signature smile, the warm, gentle kind she only uses when she's at work.

He raised his dark, deviously crimson hues, which caught Stella's own pair of purple orbs. He then opened his jacket and placed a maroon rose onto the counter in front of her. "Please...Take this." Suddenly he turned and rushed his way out of the door, not looking behind, not once.

Stella could only blink in awe and wonder, her cheeks a light blush color. "Who...Was that?" She questioned out loud, looking down at the well rose, fully bloomed and freshly cut. She took it into her hands, and drew in the rich aroma of the exotic rose. It wasn't like the roses on the rose trees, who's petals were white. Stella placed the rose into the breast pocket of her little jacket, and walked out of the store, turning off the lights. "Whoever he was..." Stella started, "He sure was handsome." The click-click of her heels sounded in the late night air, the wind blowing away at her dress.

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