signal of loneliness.

alek was a cute guy, he seemed to be happy

sometimes his stuff was black, sometimes his smile was pretty

his family portrait; dad with good job, mom with good cooking

and without a bother little brother

he wasn't a stupid popular boy but his classmates knew his presence

he wasn't a ghost lost in the school

yes, he was alek.

alek is stoic, his life seems a monologue

his smile always has pain behind it

his ideals doesn't get chair into the society

the family portrait on the table; dad vs mom

no home sweet home

no bother little brother but no money too.

he pushes away to the people trying to meet him

he doesn't know where his friends are

without buck to buy a train ticket to the imaginationland

he tries to be brave, he tries to be a girl

he tries to be soldier, he tries to survive in a sea without a boat

but his room always is a mess.

he tired of living

in his melon heart there are stones

every stone is a different problem

the solution was

say good bye to the damn world before jumping against a car

the car was yellow maybe it was a taxi

his parents cried

his teachers already couldn't give 0 to his homeworks

'cause alek is dead.

sing it!