A/N: Thanks for reading, everyone! Arcangelic-the winged and I hope you enjoyed this "dream" trip Trent went on. Remember to check Arc's account for the alternate ending, as it is different from this one.


Arc's heart stopped beating completely, and he felt he was about to faint. The ominous feeling, which had settled in his stomach, suddenly felt like a ton of bricks.

He saw Dick looking at him with a questioning look in his eyes, and he figured the blonde was still waiting for a response. He didn't even notice the tears running down his face until one of them fell on his hand.

"Arc? Are you…why are you crying?" Arc tried to suppress it, but a small sob escaped his lips anyhow. "I'm sorry," he said, trying to get a grip on his emotions. "Arc, what's going on? Tell me!"

Arc knew he had no choice, and it was killing him. "I…I'm crying because I…I have always hoped that you would see me one day, Dick, see the way I feel about you. I always had this crazy thought that if you would ever be with a guy, that it would be me."

"What are you saying?" Arc looked Dick in the eyes. "I'm saying I love you, Dick. I always have." Dick had an incredulous look on his face. Arc sighed. Now that he had finally told the blonde how he felt, he knew their friendship was over.

On a whim, he leaned in and pressed his lips against the blonde's. He was surprised when Dick returned the kiss with fervour. When they broke apart, Arc was the one with the surprised look.

"I love you too, Arc. I always have. I just…you never gave me any sign that you felt the same, so I tried to move on. But it's you I want, Arc, just you."

While Arc let this sink in, the train arrived. The people stepped out, and other people stepped in. And the train left. And suddenly Arc found his tongue.

"We missed it," he said and Dick smiled. "It's okay. I know what we can do while we wait for the next one," he said and leaned in. But he didn't touch their lips together in an unspoken question and Arc understood. He leaned in as well, pressing his lips to Dick's, giving him his answer.

The End.