If I said I hate you it wouldn't be enough,

If I said I loathe you it still wouldn't match my feelings,

My skins shakes and my blood stings,

Those things you did to me,

I don't hate you enough though,

Some of the hatred passes to me,

I hate myself for being at that party,

For thinking you were nice,

For walking with you,

But then the hatred is with you,

Since then you touched me,

I told you no,

Said I was untouched,

You laughed and pushed me to the ground,

You drugged me,


I couldn't move,

Couldn't speak,

But I could feel it all,

I wished I was dead,

And I haven't stopped wishing it,

The pain,

The blood,

The way I hate myself,

It was my entire fault,

That's what you told me,

And even though I don't know your name,

And even though your face has been erased from my mind,

I hate you,

Because you took my innocence and I'll never get it back.