can you hear this?
You and me we don't talk anymore
We've gone our separate ways in time and space
But you never gave up on me
and so many nights
I wanted to call you
but I felt hypocritical and ashamed
of the way I'd denied you
so I shut my mouth
and left it to my own devices
but still you surprise me
still you brought her back to me

I just wanted to call
to make it good between me and you
so if this message gets through
I just want you to know
there's at least one man down here
who's starting to see the magic again

I think I saw a star go out last night
it glowed bright
and before my eyes it dimmed
I don't know if it was a wink or whisper
and I know the rational world would tell me its just
the high cirrus clouds blocking my view
but the message got through

that everything is good
between me and you
we can agree to disagree
you wish no ill on me
I'm just a worried little monkey
trying to make it great
denying and reapplying faith

can you hear this?
For the first time in my life
I know I can make it good.