Author Notes: Okay, so maybe this isn't as great as my other stuff, but that's because it's not rage-filled I guess. This is for my Mom's forty-ith birthday. She really has been one of the best things to ever happen to me. I figured she deserved more than just one of my crappy drawings.

My Angel; My Mom
By: Anaka

They've had you forty years now
I've had you for just sixteen
But I can't thank you enough
For giving me just everything

You're the reason that I'm here
You're the reason I can breathe
And at times that I don't want to
I have your loving arms that sheathe

To me you're an angel
My protection from above
Yet, I always feel as if
I'm unworthy of your love

You're just too great a person
In so many ways I can't explain
And it's these years spent in your hands
That cause so much love it's insane