"You're Freezing, My Love"

I dont want to shut you out,
dont want to close my eyes.
I dont want to be the last one,
to whom you say goodbye.

I know that you are leaving,
and I cant bring you back.
My heart is no replacement,
to everything yours lacks.

Its understandable,
you never were the kind.
You always did hate the fact,
that people left you behind.

This must be your revenge,
you'll leave us now for sure.
I'm sorry I couldnt be "it",
broken hearts dont have a cure.

Your resentment for the past;
for the ones you called your friends,
this hatred you carry for us,
will never save you in the end.

So sorry that we left you,
how were we to know,
that our hearts were so warm,
and yours was growing cold?

Autumn will come to quickly,
youll never survive the winter.
Youll begin to freeze,
youre heart will break and splinter.

Stay with us, we love you,
we'll warm you all we can.
Please dont let your heart,
turn to,a dying wasteland.

3 Copywrite 2005 Cassandra Freiborg. 8/7/05