Dangerous Obsession


Thou shall not murder…

Exodus 20:13

It only started out as a little crush. He was perfectly content to sit in the shadows and watch her walk, watch the teasing smile cross that perfect face. It was especially fun to see if he could catch her scent as she walked past him. That scent tormented him, made him long for her. Then it would fade and he was left in agony for another whiff. Everyday he sat in the market place, waiting for her to notice him. With his lean and rangy look, she noticed him quickly. She was the first to introduce herself.


That was her name and wasn't it perfect? Oh, he knew the kind of life she led. Her practiced flirtations were not wasted on him. He wasn't stupid. He knew what it meant when he saw her with a different man every day. When their relationship began, he made it clear to her that he was to be the only man. He wasn't going to share. After all, he was paying for her; shouldn't he have her all to himself?

He fell in love with her, and she with him. How could she not have been in love with him? He gave her all she desired; candy, jewelry, presents, flowers, money. She laughed with him, teased him, made him believe that he was the only man for her. With him around, she promised that she would never go to another man, that she would never need another man the way she needed him.

And he believed her.

Then he saw her with him. Laughing with him, teasing him.

The whore.

She had played him for a fool, made him look like an idiot. How dare she go to another man when she was supposed to be with him?

He became obsessed with her. She was his, only his. He decided that she needed to be taught who she belonged too. He went to her; not to hurt her, only to reason with her; he never meant for it to escalate. He didn't expect to feel the rage he felt when she fought him. He didn't expect to tie her up, but the ropes went around her wrists so easily. He didn't mean to knock her unconscious, but after the first slap, it was hard to stop. He still needed to talk with her, so he waited until she woke up. The pleading look in her eyes gave him a thrill. He reasoned that she needed to be taught a lesson, so he took out the knife. Soon, he was trapped in his own game. He knew he shouldn't be hurting her. He loved her…didn't he? He reasoned that the only logical thing to do was leave.

But he didn't.

She had to be taught that she shouldn't have disobeyed him. The look of betrayal in her eyes was making him feel slightly guilty, so he took a handkerchief out of his pocket. After she realized her mistake he would leave. The silk covered up her eyes and he felt better. He only meant to give her a little tap, just to show her who was boss. He supposed he got a little carried away when she passed out again, and so again, he waited for her to wake up. He only meant to give her little scratches with the knife, but the cold metal slid along her silky skin so easily. Soon she was still, and he knew she was gone. He left her there, naked, bruised, so all the world would see that she was soiled. It was a fitting punishment. He didn't expect to kill again, but he did. Again, and again, and again. He admired women, but they always ended up ruining the relationship. He gave them presents, paid for their love, and they still weren't satisfied.

Go figure women.

Now, it was time to kill again. He had really hoped that the new girl wouldn't have broken the rules. But, just like all the others, she had gone to another man and now had to be punished.

The woods he waited in were cold, but he barely felt the chill. Adrenaline and anticipation made him oblivious to the discomforts of the surrounding forest. He was glad that this opportunity had come earlier than expected. He knew that she would be coming his way any minute, for he watched her always. A full moon shone brightly and leaves were rustling in the crisp breeze. Romantic. Seductive. He couldn't have chosen a more perfect setting to have their final date. He saw headlights flash in the distance and his heart began to race. It was time to begin…

The woman in question was driving down the road when she saw a truck on the side with its hazard lights on. She thought the truck looked vaguely familiar, and she pulled over. She got out and approached the truck, but it was deserted.

"Hello?" she called out. "Is anyone here?"

Silence greeted her. They probably went off for help she thought to herself, shrugging. She started walking back to her car, the eerie silence making her uneasy. She heard the leaves rustling in the trees, and stopped. She waited a few moments to hear for it again, but the sound didn't come again. She passed it off as the wind. She had always loved the woods, but they always gave her the willies at night. She glanced at her watch and swore. She was going to be late for her date, and she knew her client didn't like to be kept waiting. She started to walk faster, her footsteps crunching over the leaves that had fallen during the fall season, but then the hairs on the back of her neck stood up. Someone was behind her, she could feel it. She started to turn around, but before she could see anything, a heavy object slammed into her head and she fell.

When she woke up, she was alone. She felt the cold wind caressing wetness on her cheeks. She tasted salt and realized that there were tears streaming down her face. She tried to wipe her tears away, but found her hands were bound. It hurt, oh god, it hurt. Like a thousand tiny needles plunged into her hands. She was leaning against a tree; its bark was digging into her back. She tried to shift her position to try and relieve pressure on her arms and then the smell assaulted her. The stench of rotting leaves was suffocating and she gagged. She heard a twig snap close to her right side, and she swung her head in that direction. She saw the shadow of a human figure walking slowly towards her. By the height and the figure, she presumed it was a man. The moonlight reflected off of a metallic object in his hand. Oh God, it was a knife. He walked like he was stalking her, like a predator after its prey. His face was hidden from her view, but his eyes glowed, like a demon's in the night. When he was close enough to touch her, he started to reach out a gloved hand. She opened her mouth to scream, but before she could make a sound, he grabbed her face and she felt steel pricking the fragile skin on her neck. Her heart was pounding thunderously loud to her in the silence. She could feel her pulse pushing against the cold blade and she let out a whimper. The man put a finger in front of her face and waved it in a child's "no-no" gesture. He reached behind him and pulled out a handkerchief. In a disturbingly sweet gesture, he gently wiped the tears off her face. Clouds that had covered the moon started to shift, and her eyes widened in shock and recognition as his face was revealed. His eyes glittered in delight as he drew the handkerchief over her eyes, and all was black…